Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Geek at Heart

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Happy spring y'all!!

As warmer weather approaches my mind turns toward fashion, and I'm obsessed with a few things at Modcloth right now. I feel like Modcloth had some growing pains over the past couple of years (probably largely due to the income issues most retailers were having), and I was definitely one who had qualms about the Walmart corporation overtaking them..but I feel like they actually are the same retro-vintage loving shop I've always adored.

Anyway... remember how I was saying I wanted some new tees for summer?? Modcloth is speaking to my nerdy, earth loving soul.

I'm dying over a few of these, but National Parks are for Lovers, Nurture Nature, and Otter Space are all in my shopping basket right now...

Woooo spring!!!

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