Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tax Time ;o)

Hope you all have filed. I haven't :D Well that's not entirely true...I filed Fed. Need to print/mail in one state and actually DO, print & mail in the other. Hoping if I keep reminding myself I won't forget (ummm like last year?)

So on to other more important things. Like hair flowers. Wish I was still 10 so I could wear some! Made about 5 sets today, plus one big gaudy one. :P Would post a pic but I'm tired and don't want to go dig out the camera. Besides I think it's outside. Now I'm going to make some beaded ones. Fun!

News from Atlantis...since ya'll are big fans and all. You know, Teyla has almost no lines. I'm jealous of that paycheck. OK, I know, she gets fight scenes, etc. once in a while but mostly she just follows the rest of em around. Saw Critical Mass for the first time Fri night. It was a good ep. And Ronan....rawr. Joe who?

On that note I'm off to bead. Which I suck at. Still.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

a royal pain in the ....

Foot. Ha!

Foot's better...somewhat. Decided to go without crutches today. Made it most of the day w/o painkiller too. Just had some Excedrin tho...

How'd it happen? ACTUALLY i tripped over my own feet and fell over; cracked a bone, tore some ligaments, foot/leg swelled WAY bigger than normal.

all is well now. technically i'm supposed to keep the air/gel cast on til next Monday (Then move on to a different sort) but one of the baffles leaked out all the air. so now the bloomin' thing cutting into one side of my leg. as if the itching didn't drive me crazy enough (uh ya. THAT'S why i'm so nutty....)

going to get off here and watch SVU. cute little stabler anyway.