Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cutest thing I've seen today....

(not counting Lu, of course)

Born on February 17, she's the first baby chimp born at the Tulsa Zoo in 16 years. Isn't she a cutie!? Today was her debut for the public. Here's her proud mama: (pics courtesy of the zoo website)

They're taking suggestions for names! I think she looks like a Giselle myself. ;o)

I bought a pasta roller thingie today for polymer clay. I'm officially a hobby junkie. But dang, just look at all the pretty colors it comes in!
And you can smoosh it around with your hands and fingers. I'm thinking this is gonna be a hobby with stress relief benefits...

I'm kinda lost besides the pasta machine thing. Oh, and I bought the bead roller thing and the baking pan thing that suspends the beads so they don't get shiny. Other than that, I'm a complete polymer clay virgin. (I did buy clay too, just in case you were wondering.

So...Any tips? Tricks? Good websites to ponder or books to buy? I really want some of those little cookie cutter looking flower things. They didn't have the teeny tiny ones at my local hobby store, I even checked the cake decorating aisle. Reputable online source for supplies?

Because after all, what's a hobby without techniques you never fully grasp or actually participate in, yet have all the supplies for? Which brings me to...

Scrapbooking anyone?


  1. I tried polymer clay around Christmas and made some ornaments - Sculpy's website has quite a few ideas for various different projects. I also know that HGTV's Carol Duval show always had Donna Kato on and she made some amazing items. You may want to check there, too. I can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Thanks Stacy! I remember Donna Kato! I saw her clay stuff at HL today too. I'll check Sculpy's website. Duh, I should have thought of that :D I've just been sitting here looking at the pretty colors, LOL.


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