Saturday, July 19, 2008

A New Plan

Ok I changed my mind. I really DO want to chain myself to the sewing machine for the next 10 days. :P

I'm in love with these jackets from BWOF 6/08 and have the perfect linens to go with them. This is pattern #102. I love the scallops along the placket!

and I have this fabulous 100% linen from Gorgeous Fabrics:

I also really like the styling of this jacket, #112:

and I have this yummy coral linen fabric (a STEAL at $1/yard off the remnant table! Woohoo! I got 10 yards! That should keep me in coral linen for a few years. Good thing it's a nice color on me!)

But you know, I also picked up these great knits (all $1/yard). A heathered mauve-y cotton knit, that wants to be a TNT Ottobre tee.

and this rayon knit in my favorite aqua color that would be lovely as BWOF 09-07-101:

This turquoise/brown ombre stripe is screaming out to be a BWOF 01-08-116 wrapover top.

Finally, I have this lightweight glencheck plaid.

I'm thinking either BWOF 4-08-102 (where I first became intrigued by the glencheck "safari" combo):

Here's the line drawing, which is shapeless & boring without the belt!OR... BWOF 7-08-112, because I REALLY love the lines of this one, especially the belt carriers, and the fact that the Plus jacket in this issue has basically the same lines (i.e. less work for me upgrading & adding an FBA), but a different collar. I think I can adapt the Plus pattern to work, though.

So...all that should keep me busy for a while, dontcha think? I'm ready to start fall sewing, can you tell?? With tracing & muslins (especially for the jackets) I may be able to amuse myself until Aug 1 when the PR Mini-Wardrobe contest starts. Anybody joining that one? I'll need bottoms obviously.

But that's a post for another day. Off to trace!


  1. You must be on the same wavelength as I am. I LOVE (really, love) that jacket with scalloped edges. I am glad you will be tackling it before me. Bwaaaa ha ha. I love those knits too. Where do you score such good deals? All we have up here is two J-marts and a local boutique. They have great stuff but not much variety.

  2. Ohhhh I LOVE that scalloped edge jacket!!!

  3. Welcome back!

    I've either made or want to make ALL of these. I loved that cool-beltloopy jacket too and thought the same thing about morphing. I'll wait to see how YOURS turns out. Snort.

    10 days? TEN DAYS?? When does school start around you? We still have a month, but they totally revamped our calendar this year. Usually, they'd be heading back the first week of August.

    Can't say I'm thinking about fall yet. Not here in Florida. Maybe around January or so. Heehee.

  4. Oh I love seeing what people's plans are, these all look great. I think I will join the August mini wardrobe, the last one was good experience for me. I have no plan yet though!

  5. Ohhh! So nice! can't wait to see the finished product. I have something waiting for you on my blog (monday's post) ;)

  6. The plaid safari look is intriguing. I hope you get this one finished soon...I'm inspired to copy you! :)


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