Monday, January 10, 2011

a vintage wardrobe

While I wait (im)patiently for my sewalong patterns to arrive, I've been perusing and sorting my vintage pattern stash along with my likewise enormous stash of vintage images.  I'm especially fond, as you're probably aware, of 1930s-50s movie star glamour.

As one of my '11 resolutions was to sew up at least one vintage pattern per month, I've been thinking I might work best with some sort of plan.  The good (or bad, as your viewpoint stands!) news is that I cleaned out my closet and dressers of nearly all of my clothes this fall.  (I wasn't wearing them anyway).

Probably an odd place to start considering the snowy weather, but I'm feeling the pull of spring and summer-wear.  Today I bring you Vintage Shorts Inspiration

Full shorts, pleated or tucked, are often seen as "dowdy".  Um, two seconds worth of Rita should change your mind about that!

My pattern choices are Simplicity 2017:

and Simplicity 1230:

You might remember S1230 from last summer, I had a very successful pair of shorts from it, so yay for TNT's!  My fabric choices include a coral linen, a brown/pink plaid I've had in stash for a while, and possibly a white pique. Here are last summer's shorts:

 In addition to full shorts, I'd like a few pair of fitted shorts as well.  Inspiration:

I am SO in love with the middle photo, look at that waistband!  These shorts are wonderful in that they're not so fitted (or short) as to be ridiculous on this (my) body, and they're very tailored and classy.

Two of my vintage pattern choices, Simplicity 4285:

And Simplicity 2996 (bonus, this one has a wide waistband view that would be prime territory to knock off Ava's shaped waistband):

Or these lovelies, one of my favorite patterns, Butterick 6568, which includes a variety of styles (including a pleated "skort"):

I've got a variety of linen, twills, and denim in navy, red, royal, and taupe. 

Tomorrow I hope to have a post together for Vintage Tops Inspiration for you, followed by Dresses, Trousers, Bathing Suits, and Lingerie.  I leave you with more vintage shorts inspiration!

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for the eye candy!

  2. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Great patterns! My favourite shorts pattern is Butterick 7762:

  3. fantastic options. I love your style and inspiration. Lately my style seems to be yoga pants and oversized sweaters - thankfully I haven't left the house for days!! g

  4. Spring and summer-well, there's nothing wrong with being optimistic! However, looking out at the snow and expeting 5" tonight, I'd ahve to have a really good imigination!


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