Saturday, December 03, 2011

Once Upon a Time: Episodes 4 & 5

I was so happy we were able to get a better peek around MM's apartment a couple of weeks ago.  I bring pictures!

Let's start in the kitchen/dining area.  MM's apartment looks to be one wide open space, possibly with a bedroom loft?  I love the open cabinets.  And that fridge!

Industrial clock, and I need that hanging basket by my back door for gloves and mittens.

I am so in love with that green shelf on the left (below).  And that farmhouse table!

Sewing basket!

Hooks by the entry for hats, scarves, umbrellas (this one's easy to copy)

Random vintage frames stacked against the wall...

And on into the living area, a mid-century credenza as bookcase.  Lovely.  I was stalking a vintage radio JUST like the one below and when Lu and I went to buy it on my birthday shopping trip last week, that booth had closed up.  Rats!   Look closely...the milkglass vase below holds a vintage spinning top.   And there's an M for Mary Margaret.

The one that keeps getting away...the sewing area, every shot out of focus (but this time well-lit).  Rats again. Loving that chair.  And what exactly is on the rack thingie against the wall?  Jewelry?  Threads? 

Then last week, we got one more quick look at the kitchen area, and MM was wearing a sweet cardigan and skirt in one of my favorite color combo's...coral and teal/turquoise:

If you look really close you'll see a wire basket at the lower left corner holding stuffs.  I want.

Charming showed up (er, in the episode. Not in MM's apartment.  I wish!)

And then we got a look at MM's shoes.  YELLOW FLATS.  I told you we were besties.

Charming and his very attractive face. In case you have forgotten about it.  Which would be just plain silly. So I remind you:

Oh. Ummm... Also, there were also mine cave-ins and assorted Mr. Gold evilery and Madame Mayor witchery.

And then we got Jiminy Cricket!

Man, I love this show.


  1. Isn't it fun to peek into other's homes even if they're just make-believe? I've always wanted to see Lucy Ricardo's and June Cleaver's homes in color. I imagine them with splashes of red. :)

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  2. What a great eye you have. I ashamed to ask, but what show is this from? I love the deco too.

  3. I missed last week's episode. I must find it online before tomorrow!

  4. Hannah and I LOVE Once Upon a Time. The boys just don't get it, though, which is fine. Love MM's outfits.

  5. I know she's evil, but I love the mayor's style too. She looked terrible as the witch, but in our world, she's so polished and put together.

  6. After your amazing review a week or two ago I watched this show and... AAAAARRRGGG! It's so good. SO good. Yellow flats FTW! xx


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