Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Burda Style: April 2013

I'm so far off my blogging game, I thought I'd posted this LAST WEEK. ha!  In a nutshell, here are my favorites from the April issue of Burda Style (which you've already gotten and found your own favorites probably.  But still.  A new post! yay!)

Those are my favorites. What are yours??

ps...I finished a second novel (the first draft) about 10 days ago! I started a third on last Saturday (a week ago) and have been writing up a storm.  So...that's partly why I've been incognito the past few months.  Writing, writing, writing. 

The second one, it's pretty special.  I'll be working on the revise/editing/second draft of that one to prepare it for that whole scary submission process.  But not for a few weeks yet (probably in June when I'm out of school!)  Wish me luck!


  1. Holy Flashback, Batman! I haven't seen you make a pretty Burda collage in years!!! I love these, they make me so happy, and all "OOOooohh... maybe I should purchase another subscription..." But, then common sense returns and I laugh, thinking "She almost got me that time. Almost." (Check out that inner dialogue, Ms Author! Yeah, I know, don't quit my day job!)

  2. Absolutely the best wishes your way for a successful novel! I expect to be reading a book authored by you one day.

  3. Some of those are my favorites too! Are you off Spring Break now? Glad to know the writing is consuming you - at least one hobby should, however, we'd love it if you'd share your writing with the blog just a tiny bit more. g

  4. Cool! Best of luck to you!


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