Saturday, November 04, 2006

Love, Hate and the Big Bling

Project Runway, How I Love Thee...and Despise Thee
And miss thee horribly. There's nothing to watch on Wednesday nights! I might have enjoyed Jericho or Lost or some other new show I don't know about because I spent the last few months tied up in a love/hate relationship with PR!!! Now I'm behind on all the OTHER shows and can't get interested. So I've been designing and sewing instead.

Which brings me to...

Bling da Bling
The Bow*Babes of ebay are having their Snow Angels launch this week & I'm a guest! Two blings up for auction (and yes, these might also just be a vanity showing from j*b, although this one won't sting as bad for not selling as Lu covets both.)

My Aqua Holiday...
and That Old Black Magic...By The Way...
Remember me installing a hard drive to replace my stink-o-rama Gateway a few weeks ago??? WELLL....the saga continues. I have just lost my P key and my ; keys. So I'm typing this without those 2 keys!!! I tried to snap them back in place but it's next to impossible.


Have a nice weekend chickies!!!



  1. Hey girl -- get an apple!! :-) Well, to be truthful, mine "blew up" last week, and I just found you again. Big "hi" right back atcha!

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