Sunday, November 05, 2006


Sheesh, why didn't I make this in Lu's size??? I'll never find the time to make her one! It turned out SOOOO cute! I adore the huge ornament on the tee...

I named it Holiday Chic, and it's listed here with the CDCM Secret Santa Launch which started Nov 1 and goes through Nov 30. All buyers receive a secret surprise with their purchase!

Finished the Peppermint twirly skirt for the EBE launch which starts tomorrow...but my camera is KAPUT. Can you tell I've about had it with technology this fall? I must have laid my camera right next to my Grabit pincushion (big ole magnet) and it killed my camera D-E-D. So, the pics that should have taken just 1/2 hour or so (above) took all afternoon and all the good light. Meaning my twirly skirt pics will have to wait til tomorrow.

So stay tuned...



  1. That is very cute! I really like the ribbon accent.

    I definitely understand the regret of not making something in the size your daughter wears. I made 2 lounge sets in a size too small for Zoe. I was motivated to sew in the middle of the night and used tees I had on hand. I didn't know if I could get more tees in the same colors so I went with OOAKs. Now they sit while Zoe doesn't have any new ones to wear this Christmas.

  2. OOh, that's me! I used the tee I had on hand, and it's a 3T, not exactly a smashing seller as far as sizes go... Of course I've searched high and low since for more black tees and there are nada.

    Thank you though!! :D I love this little outfit a ton...

  3. I'm surprised how hard it's been to find a nice black long sleeve tee. I did find some at Old Navy Outlet in toddler sizes but not for the bigger girls. Target had them in the bigger girl sizes last time we went but the nearest one is almost an hour away.


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