Thursday, April 17, 2008

Misdirection avoid admitting I still haven't finished my skirt. But on that subject...I'm making the green one below (2nd from left). Just look at how perfectly below chubby knee length it appears! That voodoo better kick in shortly.

Moving on...

Katie wanted more info on the Anna Tunic by Amy Butler (my next project I'm thinking.) I'm not thrilled with the tie either, just because I don't think I'm motorvated enough to keep it cutely tied. But the back of the pattern shows an adorable mini-dress view (which I will mini right on up to top length.) Score! See the pretty sans tie below (along with a gorgeous fabric flower.)

FUNNY free embroidery design over at SewForum. (You have to register to view free embroidery designs, totally worth it.)

And...a really cool freebie tote pattern at Quilting Arts TV (you also have to register to view the project files). This tote is from #107. The way the fabric is folded & sewn automatically creates pockets inside (or so I'm told.)

Lastly, I'm waiting soooo (im)patiently for my order from YesAsia to arrive. It's a box full of these:

Back to diligently working on my skirt. No. Really.


  1. I do hope the voodoo kicks in soon so you can start kickin' it in that skirt!

    I am literally drooling over that fabric flower and that pretty green dress on the cover of the first book you ordered. Please make that one - you can just fold it up and stick it in an enevelope and mail it to Tracey's Closet. :)

  2. Very cute without the tie! I have two similar shifty-type dresses hanging unfinished in my sewing room. D'oh! I put them on hold for the winter months... guess it's time to dig in once again!

  3. Dumdum here wants to know, are those books you ordered, books of pattterns? That skirt is darling. You can do this in not time so get going, Angie!

  4. Yup, they are pattern books! I can't wait for them to get here. I'll be sure to post info about them when they get here!

    Still trying to decide on a fix for my skirt. Will update soon!

  5. Love the bags! And gorgeous fabric on that pleated skirt you've got in the works!


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