Sunday, April 06, 2008


This was an absolutely beautiful day. I snapped some pics of the assorted blooms around my yard...hyacinths, cherry tree, peach tree, redbud, and more. I hope you had as lovely a Sunday as we did! (No sewing tho. Too pretty to be stuck inside on a day like today!)

There are a few more shots on my flicker!


  1. Just beautiful, you must have a lovely garden!! I do love this time of year!

  2. Beautiful pictures... what kind of tree is the third one? I think I have one of those in the yard.

  3. Beautiful photos!!!Like spring flowers!!!
    I tagged you, so if you feel like it,please, come to see the "rules"


  4. Okay, the reason I asked is that we have a tree like that! And I went down and looked at it last night, and it's covered in tiny baby peaches! My husband looked up how to prune it, and we're going to try to grow them.. so exciting. We almost cut that tree down, but there was something about it that made us want to keep it.

    I'd never even heard of peaches growing in California (which is ignorant of me, I guess, but oh well)!

    Thank you!

  5. Beautiful pics, Angie. Just so you know, I awarded you the Excellent Blogger award, even though you already have it. I was honoring heirloom sewing and would have been amiss if I didn't acknowledge your blog.

  6. gorgeous! I have spring fever (it snowed in Colorado)


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