Thursday, June 02, 2011

Matchbook - June 2011

I've really been enjoying this E-zine.  Have you been reading?  The June issue is available now!

At first I was underwhelmed with this issue, but then I got to Amelia Earhart pictorial! I've always had a thing for AE.

And this...this is perfect.

 Ditto this.

 Ack!  Green!  Stripes!  Swishy skirt!

And of course, wasn't I just saying I wanted a playsuit??  This one is adorable.  LOVE the print:

If you haven't been reading Matchbook, it's pretty awesome.  This is the 5th issue, but you can go through all of the archives on the website!


  1. you do this just because you know I have nothing else to do at work and if I look at this then I won't keep emailing you all about how bored I am. Right?

    I thought so.

  2. I have to check this out- I love that white dress!

  3. Thanks for the peek into the latest Matchbook, I will check it out soon.
    I just came by your blog for the first time and I liked your summer wardrobe planning posts. The pics are all so pretty.


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