Wednesday, June 08, 2011

mid-week meanderings.

While I finish up at school this week (last day with students was Saturday, but I'm technically not "free" until after this Friday!) I've been thinking (alot) about what I'm going to do with all of that lovely SUMMER.

First project might be this sweet top by Colette:

I've seen some cute versions of this recently in blogland. It looks like a happy basic (and an easy project to get my "sea legs" back). I actually have two or three pieces of very lightweight batiste in happy summer colors like sunshiney yellow and purple.

Or maybe this Amy Butler tank, which will be perfect for a quick trip next week to Hot Springs National Park.

I have some floral lawns from Fashion Fabric Club that will work for the AB tank.

 Patty made a super cute version of a Kwik Sew pattern (very similar!) this week.  I will definitely be making the saucy bow-ties!  I have always loved this anthropologie top too:

I have to leave you with this cute photo of me & my baby girl Lu, who looks shockingly grown up. 

Funny ex-husband's current wife took the photo.  This cracks me up.  She's a nice lady (and I'm more than a wee bit glad she's married to him and not me! :P )We were all at Lu's 8th grade promotion program several days ago.  Sniff.  My baby will start HIGH SCHOOL in the fall!!  Where does the time go??

You can't see it in this photo, but I was wearing this skirt.  See!  I really do wear what I sew!


  1. awww... she's like a grown up person and all.

    I LOVE that anthro top with the stitched-down pleats. I made TLo the kid's version of the pillowcase dress and did that pleat thing to add some fullness at the bottom. It looked great!

    'mkay, my word verification is... seriously, "butslub". Honest. Butslub.

    That is just.... wrong.

  2. And she's as tall as you....very cute too... I like that anthro top also..think I have yet a different pattern that will work for it...

  3. OMG, she is so grown up and so beautiful. I like all your sewing plans, enjoy and have fun.

  4. Wait till she goes off to university! She is so much like you. Love you ideas for new sewing.

  5. What a beautiful picture of you and your daughter, you both look so pretty, aaawww.

    I like the tops you've picked out.

  6. Great projects lined up!!! And I SO LOVE the photo with you and your daughter! So adorable!

  7. Gorgeous daughter. Like mom, like daughter! Those high school years will pass so quickly. As will summer. Have a great one, and don't waste a minute of it, because before you can blink an eye, you'll be back in school.

  8. Your daghter is lovely!

    You have some great fabric choices and patterns. How nice you have the whole summer to sew :)))


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