Monday, January 21, 2013

A Week in Review

I seem to have disappeared for a week, huh?  Sorry!

The short story is, my brain is mush.  The long story is... somewhere on about December 14, I read a book that gutted me. Seriously. It was such a whining, ranting couple of days for me afterwards, that Kristine posted this pin in my honor.

Granted, she was ridiculing me publicly, but my legs are still longer, so I still win. If anyone's keeping score. (She is. The legs ALWAYS win. Booyah!)


Dec. 14: I read a book, was gutted and scarred for life, and in some really insane twist of fate I was struck silly by the most brilliant fiction idea ever.

Ok, so it probably wasn't brilliant.  It was totally self-serving and simple. It was still niggling in my head, poking at me to Just outline it, baby.  You know you want to. One little outline never hurt anyone...

You may or may not know this, but I've been working on a novel for the better part of six years.  (Technically, I've been working on twelve novels for the better part of twelve years, but who's counting).

Last year I refused to allow myself to work on ANYTHING ELSE until Novel A's first draft was finished.  The Stephen King rules of writing or whatever.  ANYTHING ELSE are known as evil plot bunnies in fiction-writing vernacular.  Personally, I call them book sluts. 

Dec. 15: I caved and started writing the simple, sweet story to patch up my heart, broken over the piece of emotionally manipulative trash I read the day before. (If you're still following my logic, yes. I'm a slut.)

The Past 3 Weeks : I wrote almost every day. It was easy. It was freeing.  It consumed most of my waking hours at home and some of my dreaming hours too.  What was intended to be a 10-15K word short story blossomed into a novella by two weeks time.  And I wasn't nearly done yet.

The Past 3 Days:  People. I have written a novel-length piece of fiction. I wrote 25,000 words in the past nine days. I have honestly lost my mind, because this puppy is never intended for publication anywhere. For one thing, it's too personal and for another, it's not that great, and for the most important other, it's a little scandalous.

(No I'm not giving you any juicy details.  Bite me, Kristine.)

I always thought this type of writing was a waste of time. 

I've had the biggest smile on my face for the past week because it has SO NOT BEEN A WASTE OF MY TIME.

Other tidbits from my life...

* I walked 5 miles this weekend but I skipped my hike today because of The Importance of Napping On Holidays.
* I ate four Chips Ahoy cookies this afternoon. They weren't as good as I remember.
* I forgot to have supper three days this week because WRITING.
* I haven't turned my sewing machine on in over a month. Mojo, why hath thou forsaken me?
* My sister is getting married next month and I need a dress.  Pattern suggestions? (afternoon wedding, conservatory, I don't think I'm in it. If I am no one's told me, so just a "guest" dress. I may have to play photographer. Bah.)
* I interviewed with a charity this weekend for a volunteer position, and it went really well. I was not nearly as dorky as my previous interviews. This is going in the "c'est la vie" column of my life, because I literally can't be anything other than what I was. Hopefully they get that.

I hope you all are hanging out in sewing blog land, having a bang up time and making loads of beautiful garments for me to peruse and slobber over.  I'm hopeful in another week I'll be back in the swing of things and maybe sewing, or blogging, or doing something that's not totally absorbed in this piece of fiction that totally stole my heart.

But, of course, then comes EDITING. (Not really. I'm not going to spend a buttload of time editing something that isn't going to be submitted anywhere.)

(famous last words)
PS...DOWNTON ABBEY.  PEOPLE. DOWNTON ABBEY IS BACK!!!  Shhhh. I'm still an episode behind. Don't spoil me.  But definitely expect fashion recaps later this week. Probs.


  1. You wrote a whole book! That's so fabulous... I really want to know what you read that so gutted you. :)

  2. You are awesome. Sewing (following someone else's directions) doesn't even compare with creating a 4-D world on paper. You ROCK. And for future reference, apparently I am "nice Kristine", thankfully!

  3. So what I really want to know is what you read that started this. I'm glad you wrote a book - why won't you submit it anywhere? Pen Name anyone?

    I was sewing until a piece of rayon challis wrecked my streak and stole my mojo. Since then I've been thinking of you every single time I eat an avocado! Like every single day! g

  4. You are writing a brilliant piece of literature and you have no intention of publishing it??


    May I quote a bit of Harriet Vane/Peter Whimsey? would have to write a book about human beings for a change.

    Harriet: I'm afraid to try that, Peter. It might go to near the bone.

    Peter: It might be the wisest thing you could do.

    Harriet: Write it out and get rid of it?

    Peter: Yes.

    Harriet: I'll think about that. It would hurt like hell.

    Peter: What would that matter, if it made a good book?

    -- from Guady Night

    But once you write something you believe is really good, you can't just shut it up in a drawer. It wants out. Even if it never gets anywhere. It still wants out, and it will give you no peace until it's out.

    So just decide you're going to Do Something With It and go for it.

    Oh, if you come anywhere nearby, I'll stand in line at Barnes & Nobles for you to sign my copy. ;-)

  5. My theory: your sewing mojo has not vanished, it's just that you've been spending all your creative juice on writing. Not a bad thing, but a diversion of the mojo stream away from fabric and into words.

    I, on the other hand, have been sewing and sewing and sewing as the easy alternative to trying to birth a second novel. Sad but true.

  6. I too would like to know what you read to start you on this journey. Congratulations on writing a book. Even if it never does see the light of day, you'll know you did it and that itself is amazing.

  7. Wow, you wrote a book in a few weeks. That's quite amazing. I'm agreeing with others and saying use a pen name.

  8. I see you in this because (a) you are going to be 'working' as well as a guest and this has a retro 60s photo-journalist feel (b) as it is fitted you can slash out on luxurious fabric (c) imagine it with vintage/vintage style glittery buttons or a monster corsage (d) the hem will be quicker in a straight (e) if all else fails, you could take some of these elements and re-vamp something existing in your wardrobe ...?

    And ... I cannot imagine what has happened in our world that organisations would be interviewing you for volunteer positions - I reckon you ought to be interviewing them :) - such seem to be your fine qualities :)

    1. Oh my gosh I LOVE THAT NL dress! PERFECT! Thanks Susan, and for your sweet comments. You're making me blush. ;)

  9. And ... who doesn't like a pattern with an easy number to remember 6000 and fun and informative posts about it (to which I have no connection - except enjoyment)

    1. Yup, this is it. Those sleeves are TDF. Thanks again!

  10. Wow, impressive!!!


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