Friday, May 07, 2010

may burda!

Shannon & I waited rather impatiently for our BS (hehe, that always makes me giggle) to arrive in Oklahoma. I think we over-anticipated because when it finally DID get here, I didn't really love anything. (that always happens!)

But on second perusal, here are some contenders for a future project.

I'm on a dress kick (if you hadn't noticed!) and I love love love this shirtwaist!! Very "new retro", very cute.
I like this bermuda pattern alot, and I always need shorts in the summer. I'd have to grade up for the old bum, but that's do-able. Burda has had some cute shorts over the past few summers!

I especially liked this view!

This dress is also very cute, even if we've seen something similar before.
We've also seen a lot of sheath dresses over the past year, but I really love this cool square neckline.
I really love this very interesting blouse. If you didn't look at the line drawings, you missed it, because the magazine photo is terrible!! But I think it has as vintage, Edwardian feel. Like something you would wear to afternoon tea.

I'm interested to read the directions for that neck piece. They're probably indecipherable, but in the line drawing it looks like shirring. That's interesting!

Hey! It's almost the weekend!!


  1. I usually open my magazine to the tech drawing section first, which I did with this issue too:

    A) I immediately thought of you when I saw that dress tech drawing

    B) My first action (other than to think, "Hey, I'll bet Angie makes that dress") was to look at the instructions for that blouse.

    The mind boggles.

    I have Folkwear's Armistice Blouse, which I have been debating trying out for... oh, maybe five years. I think I might get that out this summer.

  2. I don't get BS anymore 'cause I never really loved enough of the patterns to justify the subscription. I did continue the Burda Plus but think I'll drop it too.

  3. I really like the shirt dress to. Awesome that they included pockets in that one. :)

  4. I felt like you with the new burda. I really want to try some shorts....I would need to do some pattern manipulating too.

  5. I have to wait until sometime next week before Borders will have swapped issues out! I love that shirt dress and that little top too.

    But I thought the last few garments I saw from you were tops? How would we knot you were on a dress kick? g


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