Thursday, November 26, 2009

giving thanks.

~I'm stupidly thankful for my children, G-man and Lu, who light up my life every single day. There were times I simply couldn't have gone on if it weren't for them.

~I'm thankful for my family who makes me fruit loopy crazy (but then, that's probably where my sense of snark came from!)

~I'm thankful for my amazing friends who astonish me all the time with their generosity.

~I'm thankful for my students, who break my heart when they grow up and go, but then do surprise visits on my birthday and make it all better.

~And I'm thankful for all of YOU! Who keep coming back, even though I'm almost never consistently on topic, and frequently breaking my own promised planned projects, and flit from one subject to another until my own head spins. But at least its never boring.

While this is more of an American holiday, it's never a bad thing to give gratitude! So I'm wishing all of you, near and far, a Happy Thanksgiving!! I'm smooshing you all together in a great big hug right now! (Even those who have a tiny bubble. Deal.)

Now I'm off to fix my sweet potato casserole and deviled eggs and broccoli salad...Wow. I'm super hungry. And finish watching the Macy's parade!! My favorite!!

Have a fabulous day! Safe travels for those of you on the road.


  1. Lovely list. I'm off to do mine :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving feast/day/weekend. g

  2. Love your list. Hope all the food turned out perfectly!!!


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