Saturday, November 28, 2009

a very domo christmas

If you've been on the nets for any amount of time, you're most likely familiar with this little guy:

It's Domo Kun, originally a Japanese television mascot, now harbinger of cute on the internet.

Since I've had all that mute and lounge-y on the couch time (btw, I can actually speak today! Like, out loud and everything! This is the first day I've been able to really talk --hoarsely, but actually talk-- in 10 days.) I decided to borrow Domo's cuteness for an ornament tutorial. Cause Domo's love Christmas too!

Here he is hanging out on my tree with my blown glass Santa's:

Really? Does it get any cuter?? Let's get started!

You'll need to grab this pattern: A Very Domo Christmas pattern. It's a pdf, so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to open it! You'll also need:
~Wool blend felt in tan/brown, red, and cream.
~3/8" black buttons for eyes **you could also use black felt for eyes!
~Matching embroidery floss or thread (tan & black)
~Optional: Fabric Glue like FabriTac

Domo is really simple to sew, and he's all hand-stitched, so perfect to whip up while watching those holiday movie marathons! You could have a whole army of Domos!

Cut all pieces from the felt as shown on the pattern. Domo's body is one pattern piece, except for the bottom.

Attach the teeth to the red mouth with a little FabriTac (or just baste them in place).

Trim away the opening for the mouth from the body piece as marked. Don't make this too large! Cut inside the markings, or the red mouth won't cover the opening from inside.

Center the mouth/teeth piece behind the open rectangle. Secure to the body with a small running stitch. You can see my running stitch in the photo below. Don't make this perfect! I think it has more charm if its a little crooked.

I dug around in my vintage button tins for 3/8" black buttons. They seem to be the perfect size for this pattern! Attach now, while the pattern is still flat!

Next, line up one side "arm" of the pattern with the body front. You're basically making a little box. Use matching embroidery floss and whip stitch the sides together. Repeat for all sides.

Attach the bottom piece (the extra rectangle) to the sides and the front using a whip stitch. You're domo should be looking similar to this now:

We're going to leave one section open to stuff though, in this case, the "back" edge:

Stuff with fiber fill, poly fill, or your favorite stuffing! Not tooo firm though. You don't want to lose the nice boxy shape Domo has. Make sure to get some in the corners at the top of his head before stuffing the body.

Finish whipstitching the back opening closed!


Now, he's pretty darn cute just sitting around all boxy. But to hang him on the tree, he needs a ribbon hanger. I used an 1/8" red satin ribbon, knotted in a loop. Attach the loop to Domo's head by placing 1 or 2 French Knots in the center of the loop, right smack in the middle of his head:

And that's it! He's ready to hang from your favorite spot on the tree!

Just not too near any kitty ornaments. ;)

Domo would be a great hand stitching project for your young stitching buddies too! It involves basic skills: running stitch, whip stitch, sewing on a button. It's also a quick fix project for those empty Saturday afternoons!

I get my wool blend felt in packages of assorted colors from Prairie Point Junction. They're a friendly, fast shipping company & I recommend them!


  1. Hmmmm... maybe I will have to try this out with the girls for xmas presents for the grandmas. I'm not sure they're up to it, but... it's so CUTE!

  2. Anonymous2:37 PM

    saw this on flickr and followed the link to your blog. bookmarked! now i must make him. thank you! :) liz

  3. Too cute! Thanks for the great tutorial... I always like the ones you post, and I like your photos too...

  4. Oh that is adorable! If only I found your blog earlier, I'd have a Domo filled Christmas tree! :D


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