Monday, November 02, 2009


A funny word for a fun month of words. NanoWriMo kicked off yesterday! It stands for National Novel Writing Month. I've never participated but I'm interested enough to give it a go!

Basically, you write a 50,000 word (really rough) draft of a novel in 30 days. Like hard and fast, no holds barred, furiously writing without editing, FUN. Or at least it sounds fun to me! I used to be the worst about stopping and reading and rewriting and editing that I never got anywhere. I'm better now, but this could be a real test of my fortitude.

Anyone want to join me??


  1. That's a thought. I really do want to write novels. I'm mainly interested in writing novels for the tween aged kids.

  2. Go for it, Angie! Don't let all of our old notebooks go to waste! By the way, where ARE they? :-)

  3. Okay. I can't let you do this alone. I signed up.

  4. Hi, Angie - I've been taking a class on how to teach writing, and the whole idea is to write and write and write and not to worry about editing until all your thoughts are on paper... I'll have to bring this link to my class on Thursday... I think some of my classmates will like it! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful links!


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