Sunday, November 01, 2009


Ok, so I forgot to turn back my clocks, and I've been sitting here thinking the morning has flown by when...woot! No, it hasn't!

What was sucking up the morning hours you ask?? Sephora. And Old Navy. And Just some snoop shoppin that turned into some Christmas shoppin and a little bit of just because shoppin.
Use this code to get 20% off your order at Sephora through tomorrow!


Use this code to get 30% off your order at Old Navy through 11/8:


And try this one if you're an shopper for 25% off (I got some super cute boots for my wide calves for $31! ps...Silly calves.)

I'm actually a regular Sephora shopper (online and in the store) and I didn't get this coupon emailed to me. I ran across it online this morning, and since I'm out of foundation (and I have expensive taste) I went ahead and ordered. I'm trying the Smashbox liquid foundation. I've heard good things.

Smashbox is pricey, but my favorite primer is their PhotoFinish Primer (I usually just pick up the travel size for $17, it lasts forever):

and my favorite cream gel eyeliners are theirs too. I really, really like Image, a dark metallic green:

and Process was my favorite brown (but is no longer available unless you can find an old palette that has it. Sad.) Putty looks like a close match though:My very favorite cream eyeliner they made was called Crop, and it was a gorgeous dark gold, but when you put it on, it was almost "black". Really pretty.

I'm a Bare Minerals girl as a rule, but in the winter I'm just too dry for the mineral powder foundation. Last year I switched to a couple of drug store brands (Loreal True Match is my favorite, but Revlon Colorstay works well too if you can stand the thick formula--especially after wearing Bare Minerals! I typically can't, so I'm interested to see if I like the Smashbox liquid foundation.)

Then I ventured over to ON where I did a bit of Christmas shopping for a girl I know, and picked up a pair of (gasp) skinny leg jeans for me. Ok, not really skinny leg (which would be a horrible DON'T on me, but skinny-er leg so I can tuck them into boots if I feel the urge.)

THEN I ventured over to because I love the no-brainerness of their outfit shopping experience. I heart Betsey Johnson, which can't really be that surprising to you, can it?

Also feeling the love for this Nanette Lepore:And it features a surprisingly easy to recreate bodice shaping/neckline in this pattern by Favorite Things (Prairie Girl):

Bonus...I've already made it and loved it!

Other things that struck my fancy on the myShape site...(and I'm not even a vest person):

As long as we're doing vests, I love this. Hate on me if you dare, it's calling my name.

Love the seaming on the dress, love the military styling of the time consuming. Sigh.

I'm pretty sure I have half a dozen BWOF's to dupe this coat.

Wow, I just realized how colorless all of these are (save the one Betsey Johnson dress). I should probably go snoop some more, huh?

We haven't had a song in a while, and this one's been stuck in my head for 4 days. Now it will be stuck in yours. Enjoy!


  1. Great fun snoop shopping. There are just soooo many nice garments out there but just so little
    time to duplicate :)

  2. I wonder if we bought the same boots at Avenue... I agree, Curse You Wide Calves! No wait, we can't because mine were not such a good deal. Gotta love those snoop shopping trips, though. I think I'll do a little more shopping at MyShape... thanks for the excuse... I mean the inspiration.

  3. I love the plaid dress with the black top and the seaming - really pretty...

  4. I enjoyed your snoop shopping. I love Smashbox Photo finish. I am trying one of their gel liners and I love their liner brush, makes it easy to apply. Thanks for sharing your snoop shopping.

  5. OMG on the boots that you bought! LOL I can totally see those with the purple tights and a black miniskirt. (And so appropriate for school-wear hahaha!) I got the really boring (because I'm boring) Heather Scrunch Tie boots. I really really REALLY wanted some cowboy boots this year, but I just don't have $200 to blow on footwear these days. Maybe next winter (curse you, small children who suck up all my spare money!).

    And I didn't notice before in your post, but isn't that BCBG MAXAZRIA plaid bandage dress to DIE for? I wish I could wear it, but no.

    For some reason, I am all about monochromatic and the bias-cut plaid this season. I guess everyone else is too.


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