Monday, March 15, 2010

the amazing jennifer paganelli

If you're a print lover AND a juicy color palette lover like me, then you're probably familiar with Jennifer Paganelli & her Sis Boom line of fabrics! They are my all-time-hearted fabric line ever!! I have several prints just lying in stash because I can't bare to use up the last yard. haha.

Well, she also designs patterns and I'm really loving the Patricia Tunic:

So much so, I've just bought it from You Can Make This. You can buy it too, here. It's a PDF pattern, and I normally don't enjoy taping together a printed out pattern. But for Jen, I'm willing to sacrifice.

I have the perfect fabric stashed away for it too.

And anyway...I'd hate to actually finish one project and end the string of UFOs I've got going.

But back to the's nearly 300 pages! Seriously one of the most complete (and gorgeous) patterns I own. The instructions are amazing, IN COLOR, with both snapshots of steps and beautiful, color-illustrated steps. The instructions alone are about 50 pages. You could print and have this sucker bound at Kinko's and have a wonderful little pattern booklet! In fact, I'm not sure the techniques wouldn't be transferrable to other similar patterns. Plus, its just pretty. The rest of the pattern is taken up with pattern pieces in the various sizes.

The sizing is very generous too, 0-18 and 1x - 3x. What I really love is that you can print off your size and there's NO tracing! (sizes are grouped by 2, so 0-2, 4-6, etc.) Of course if you need more than one size range you might have to grade.

At any rate...I'm off to print this beauty! (I'm lucky too...I have a binder at school so I can bind my pattern myself after I print it here at home!)


  1. i bought this pattern when it first came out. Still haven't made it :( Maybe once I see yours I will be motivated (hint hint).

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    wow! this looks like a shirt my sister wore in high school back in the 70's!!! sigh ....

  3. Tunics are making a comeback, and I'm glad of it. Your pattern is lovely. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I have a couple of tunic patterns and fabric, waiting.

  4. What a great pattern! And a fantastic way to show off a great fabric!

  5. OMG, this could be the tunic pattern I've been looking for! Clicked through for details and ended up buying it on the spot. I'd decided against it some time ago, due to the print and tape thing (ugh, I'd rather trace) and the yardage required (!), but have muslined two other tunics since then with "meh" or worse results. Thanks for pointing this one out again: the princess seams and real-customer photos clinched it. Look forward to seeing your version!

  6. I'm sorry, did you say the instructions had 300 pages? You said that, right? Girl, you totally need to email a sample page of that so I can wrap my head around it. Totally.

    Word: nonte. I am feeling so nonte today. But only when I use an Italian accent.

  7. It's gorgeous. You'll have to let us know if there are sizing issues like there were with the Anna Tunic by Ms. Butler. I'm suspecting there won't be since there's no yoke. That was the problem with the Anna. From looking at the picture though I'm thinking I'd have to lengthen the sleeves. the model's straightened arm, it comes above her wrist and I can't stand that! :P
    I'm curious what your super secret perfect fabric is that you're going to use for it!

  8. great pattern indeed. thnx for sharing. i'll check the link. cant wait to see ur finished tunic :)

  9. It looks cute. I hope you'll post pics!

  10. pascale9:44 PM

    Just found your blog and love it!


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