Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday the first day of spring looked like this in Oklahoma:

This morning it looked like this, with a bit more scheduled to arrive today. I measured this morning in my back yard and I have 11 inches on the ground.

Keep in mind that on Friday it was over 70 degrees F. Welcome to the OK weather! If you don't like it, wait 5 minutes.

While I'm snowed in (aaahhhh, SPRING BREAK! Neener Neener to Beangirl & Shannon.) I've got loads of sewing and stuff to accomplish. Not that I'll get much done with all the loafing I plan to do. First up I thought I'd show you my spiral bound copies of Jen Paganelli's pattern books. I printed them out and then took them to school to bind:

Aren't they awesome?? (If you don't have access to a binder and don't want to pay someone, what about a 1/2" 3-ring binder for each? That would make an awesome "instruction book" too.)

Here's my planned fabric for the Patricia tunic (the one on the left in the photo above):

So...not very subtle. Are you surprised?

Didn't think so. ;) (But I also have a lovely Lecien blue rose print tunic planned too that is much tamer. yawn.)


  1. Here in Dallas we've got a couple of inches too! I can't believe it...

    I love the looks of those tunics, and as always I love your print combinations. I am working on Easter dresses right now. :)

  2. We got a dusting of snow, which is still on the ground today at 33 degrees. Tuesday the high is 75. Sheesh.

    My word ver: "merfe". It's like a French swear word, only for Smurfs.

  3. Put down the computer and pick up the scissors!! I actually did some sewing yesterday and if I'm good I'll have a finished skirt today!! g

  4. Your snow scene is beautiful. But, enough beautiful, right? I LOVE your binders! Enjoy your down time! And make beautiful tunics!

  5. It is very pretty, but that does appear to be allot of snow for this time of year, we are doing pretty good in our corner of the planet :)

    Enjoy your Mar break.

    Love the fabric choice.

  6. You just don't know what to expect with the weather lately do you.

    Love the bound instructions and your fabric choices.

    I am trying to finish my skirt for the sew along - 2 days after deadline - that is good for me!

  7. I love the fabric choices, but then, you knew I would! Get crackin' because I can't wait to see this tunic!

    Oh, and the snow? Enough already!

  8. Last week, my Spring Break had temps in the mid 60s and the croci were blooming and the birds were singing. Your Spring Break is snowy and everything is frozen solid. Ha! Mother Nature must hate you and love me. There! Take that! That will teach you to "neener neener" me!! :)

  9. I'd forgot about that Oklahoma saying. My dad used to repeat it to us when we'd visit grandparents. I'm on spring break too. We can sew together!

  10. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Wow, snow in the springtime! It's beautiful, but... Love the fabric for your tunic; it's lovely. Can't wait to see it on you. BTW, love your blog!


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