Monday, March 01, 2010

baby things & a sunshine top

I really enjoy sharing my beginning projects with you, and you've been so sweet with comments. Even though I don't currently sew baby garments, I know many of you do. But even more important, you might be able to take a technique I used on one of these garments, and incorporate that into a current project.

Today I'm bringing you two baby/toddler garments that I loved. Lu was a mid-summer baby, so lightweight, cool clothing was a must in her baby/toddler years! Plus, the child just hated clothes. The first is a pink rosebud voile baby romper, made with the Old Fashioned Baby's Summer Clothes pattern.

I added folded release tucks at the shoulder seams and a dainty lace ruffle around the neckline. Three pearl buttons are for decoration only in the center front.

There is beading and lace trim around the leg openings. The crotch closes with buttons and buttonholes because I was still afraid of snaps at this point!

The romper buttons up the back.

This was such a sweet baby garment! I know it seems a little impractical with the crotch buttons, but it actually wasn't. Lu was a year old at this point and I wasn't changing diapers every hour like when she was tiny. I saw a discussion recently where a grandmother was lamenting her daughter-in-law throwing the handmade, lace-adorned dresses and rompers in the washer and dryer. I'd like to point out this romper is 12 years old and was washed & dried in the machine many times. Looks pretty darn good to me!

This next little dress is actually a pink pinafore, made from poly/cotton batiste. This dress features something I was sort of obsessed with figuring out at the time, the "t-yoke" dress. The yoke & center front of the dress form a "T", and then the side portions of the skirt front are gathered to the arms of the "T". It's a very vintage look.

The pattern was a free one in a back issue of Sew Beautiful (my older issues are in storage, so I don't have the issue number handy! Let me know if you want it!)

This little pinafore is just precious. I adore the sweetheart neckline and the t-yoke. I trimmed the neckline and armholes with flat lace edging, and then pin-stitched over the lace header.

I traced the little rabbit applique (it's a needle-turned applique, done by hand) and embroidery design from a great vintage book reprinted at about the time Lu was a baby. It's called "How to Make Handmades for Your Baby". The entire book is adorable. The rabbit is white batiste, and all of the embroidery is done using plain cotton floss.

I mentioned this was a pinafore, although it definitely passes for a sundress or suntop! But here's the back, where you can really see how cute this design is. The back closes with 4 buttons, and the back skirt is circular, creating a cute little flair.

Underneath is a plain white batiste slip. Lu wore this slip under most of her high yoke baby dresses. She had 3 or 4 of these because they are so easy to make. I traced the armhole and neckline from a bodice pattern, then scooped each out just a bit more. I turned under the seam allowances and did a shell hem for a seam finish. The bottom of the slip is finished with a lace-trimmed ruffle.

Baby clothes are so much fun to make. I wish I had saved everything of Lu's, I'd probably be sharing it for months if I did! I hope some of the techniques or patterns you see from my stash might inspire you in a future project.

Speaking of my Lu, she had a band concert tonight. Can you believe this beautiful girl once wore those tiny baby dresses? Amazing.

This weekend turned into a Hotpatterns weekend of sorts! I not only made the Once, Twice, Three Times a T-Shirt, I also made a HP Sunshine Top. Here's a sneak peek:

You'll have to wait for some daylight so I can snap a picture of it on moi! I love love love this tee. I need about a dozen, immediately. If you don't have this pattern you most definitely need it!


  1. well there's just so much to love in all these... but the kicker is that last HP T-shirt, which I am now DYING to see (if only for the print on the fabric). You are such a tease.

  2. I love the heirloom things you post. I don't have that HP, probably need it at some point.

  3. I recognize the fabric on that HP top! :) And your baby things are such an inspiration.

  4. It is so fun to see the heirloom items, thanks for sharing them. Can't wait to see the top.

  5. The romper is adorable.

    I also love HP weekender tshirt. I am looking forward to a picture of you in it in daylight! I've only made it in solids and am curious about a print. I have a hard time finding knit prints in my area (I live in outer London, so I must be clueless...there must be some nice knit prints in a city of 8 million plus people!)

  6. OMG! That ROMPER!!! Precious!

    I want to see that HP top! Your fabric looks really cute.

  7. Such sweet little clothes. It is not possible that young lady wore those little things!!! Oh how they grow up so quickly!

  8. Your baby clothes are beautiful!

  9. What a lovely little romper! I wonder if your daughter is now a
    "girly girl" like her mom? That HP sunshine top is one that Debbie Cook made and raved about. Looks comfortable for approaching hot weather!

  10. Ah all the baby clothes are so sweet. Your work is beautiful.

    I don't have any HP patterns and have been reading so many great posts about them, so I've been thinking of buying some of their top patterns.. I'm anxious to see this one on you.

  11. The baby clothes are just amazing! I love it when you share those. I can't wait to see a pic of the HP top!

  12. The baby things are so adorable! I made some rompers for my son, but they sure weren't as special as the things you made. I can't wait to see a pic of that sunshine top. Everyone who makes it just loves it. I have a friend corralled into letting me trace her sunshine top pattern.

  13. Love, love, LOVE both of the baby outfits. I want those patterns in a bad way! And living in the south, I am a huge fan of voile for summer sewing.


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