Sunday, March 14, 2010

HP Delicious Dress pt 1

Just doing my part to keep the UFO pile large and unruly. I started this Hotpattern, the Deco Vibe Delicious Dresses:

Being a print-match-er, I love love love the mixed print view. But I chose to test out this pattern (no muslin! Eek!) using a poly knit print I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics a couple of years ago.

The pattern itself is fairly straightforward to put together. The neckline is a bit fiddly and I could have used a few more notches to match up to the seams on the dress body (when attaching the neckband). I used alot of pins, not my normal habit. The directions are pretty sparse too, but there are some diagrams to help you along.

Part of the neckband fiddliness was due to the fabric choice though, entirely my fault. Let's just say I won't be making this dress in a poly knit again!

Here's how far I got this afternoon:

Really hard to tell what's going on in that crazy busy print! I chose to make the view with the long, ruched sleeves. Here's a closeup of the neckline, which is super flattering (reminiscent of the Sunshine top in fact):

Still really hard to see anything, but you can see above that I haven't finished the neckband. I only have that and hems to do, and this dress is finished!

All in all, I like it, but I don't love it, and its all due to the fabric. The pattern does call for a stable knit or drapey woven, and this is most definitely not a stable knit! I can't wait to make it again in a better fabric choice, although I do plan on wearing this one!

Unfortunately I won't be finishing it tonight. I have a stiff neck and a headache and I plan on lying in front of the tv for a while.

Cross your fingers that I'll find time to do a HP Delicious Dresses Part 2 later this week. In that post, I'll give you size & alteration specifics and my other thoughts on this pattern.


  1. What the...? Girl, that is one busy fabric. You're right, I can't tell what's going on in that dress, so I'm going to take your word. And wait for the next version. Which you will be doing soon, right?

    At least you got something mostly-made this weekend. I spent most of my sewing time working out what's wrong with that flippin' Design-It-Yourself book's t-shirt pattern. Girl. Don't get me started. I foresee a large-ish "miscellaneous ranting" post will be added to my blog in the near future.

    Word Ver: duoizat. Like... "who-zat?" or "whazzat?" ? I got nothing.

  2. I've just ordered this pattern. I think it is looking good, can't wait to see the next version.

  3. It looks promising! I can't wait to see a picture with you in it to see how it hangs. I like a busy print myself.

  4. I hope your neck/headache is better. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the dress too. I've been organizing fabric and found some that might work for mine!

  5. Well, that is a busy print but a very pretty print. I can't wait to see it finished, this pattern has been in my wish list since it first came out. Maybe i need to go ahead and get it ;0) Hope are feeling better soon.

  6. I can't wait to see a picture with you in it to see how it hangs. I like a busy print myself
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  7. I hope you feel better soon! I would love to see that dress made in a sturdier fabric - I hope you do get to it!


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