Sunday, March 07, 2010

red carpet time!

So far there's not a ton to love, but definitely a ton to make you go...huh?

Charlize Theron. Oh honey. No.

Actress I never heard of. Sorry, missed your name when I snagged the picture of your very, um, interesting dress.

Zoe Saldana, who I thought was Jada Pinkett Smith with her hair like this. My bad. Ummm, this is probably going to be a big hit with the fashion police. With me, not so much.

Love these two. Ferris & my best Square Pegs pal 4Ever? But what the heck is with that dress?? Wrong color. Wrong type of tin foil rose. there a right way to make a tin foil rose? Nevermind.

Diane Kruger reminds me so much of Grace Kelly. I hate to say it, but as odd as this dress is, there's something about it that I sort of like. (Oh-No's! The Hollywood Kool-Aid is coming through my tv speakers!)

Maggie Gyllenhaal. I think I like this? The shape is beautiful. The Oriental (hand?) painted brushtrokes are interesting. The color is a welcome change. It just doesn't feel very "I'm nominated for an Oscar".

Now on to my likes... Anna Kendrick sort of came out of nowhere for me in this year's Oscar race. She looks lovely, though I know many people won't care for such a pale skintone dress on a pale girl. I really like it though. (see last year's commentary on Drew Barrymore's similarly colored gown). Not sure about the shoe choice?

The fabulous Queen Latifah. Girl, I love you. (Not crazy about lavender, which was popular this year, it seems.)

Sandra Bullock looked stunning. The gown is beautiful and a gorgeous shade of platinum too. Wish she had left well enough alone with her face though. People! Lay off the Botox and Rejuvaderm!!

Love Rachel McAdams. Her dress was very pretty too, I enjoy seeing a print on the red carpet!

Mariska Hargitay is the most stunning woman in Hollywood. Or possibly the northern hemisphere.

Ryan Reynolds. Rawr.

(you didn't think I would do a Oscar recap without some man-candy, now did you?)

(pps...Keanu, where are you?)

Off to watch the show!
**UPDATE...OMG! John Hughes tribute!! Sniffles.


  1. The actress you weren't sure of is Vera Farmiga who also acted in "Up in the Air" with Anna Kendrick.

  2. I love the prints, too. And Ryan Reynolds. Yes, the Hughes recap was touching, those are such great movies. I really need to pick up a copy of Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles for when I'm tracing and cutting in the kitchen...

  3. I agree with all your comments....Sandra looks superb.......what about Demi? Has she sold her soul to the devil??? Her dress? She is my age.......yikes....

  4. Good. God.

    There is so much to say about just those pics that I think I have to go lie down.

    However. Zoe Saladana is clearly wearing the adult version of Dana-Made_It's "Turkey Dressing Skirt".

  5. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Ryan Reynolds- I KNOW!!! Smokin' hot!!! RE: Queen Latifah's dress... I think they should've hemmed it shorter so it wouldn't do that weird thing it's doing at the bottom.

  6. judi! Thanks! I was too lazy to go look it up.

    Joanne...bwhahaha!! YES she has most definitely a pact with the dark side.

    Nikki...Why oh Why does he wear a shirt?? :P

  7. Hmmm. Vera Farmiga's was my favorite, with Sandra Bullock a close second.

  8. Thanks for pulling this together and sharing!

  9. I thought the show itself was boring. Blah. Charlene's dress called for everyone to grab her chest. For the most part, the whole thing was a disaster.tek

  10. for the first time this year, i texted back and forth with a friend -- oh my was it fun to watch the oscars that way! ryan is hot, but RDJ is totally smoking. i also am a little bit in love with sam worthington and chris pine. missed keanu.

    oh wait, there were girls in pretty dresses, right? :)

    (i want to be helen mirren when i grow up. she is FAB. U. LOUS)

  11. Yes-Ryan Reynolds was looking very debonair. I agree that Sandra Bullock looked gorgeous.

  12. I agree, Sandra Bullock looks fabulous. I thought it was so cool that in addition to picking up an Oscar she actually showed up to collect her "Razzie" for the worst performance in "All About Steve." Most people don't show up to collect that one. Oh, and that movie really was a stinker. But I think she did the best she could with such a lousy part. I've always loved her since I first saw her in "Speed."

  13. I really need to pick up a copy of Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles for when I'm tracing and cutting in the kitchen...
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  14. Cool recap of the event. Many of the dresses were strange. I cannot understand why one commenter adored Sarah Jessica Parker's dress - weird! I agree that Sandra looked stunning!


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