Friday, December 04, 2009


Ok, where did November go?? Have I already mentioned it like totally up and ditched me this year? I went straight from Halloween to Christmas. I hope the next couple of weeks sloooow down so I can enjoy them.

So, I guess you know your blog has finally made it when you get hit heavy by the spammers n' the haters. Right?

Note to spammers...I delete you.

Note to anonymous hate & run commenters...I delete you.

Note to all the wonderful, creative, fabulous girls (& guys), anonymous or otherwise, from around the world who pop in for a visit now and then... I heart you. Thanks for leaving me messages, sending sweet emails, giving awards, and most of all, for coming back.

You're the reason I keep writing.


  1. Yep, delete and keep it movin :)

  2. Wow - sorry you have to deal with haters and spamers. Glad I haven't made it yet! I, personally, love your blog and your creativity. g

  3. I appreciate you and your writing. As Adrienne says, delete and keep on keepin' on.

  4. wow, seriously? I can't imagine what would be to hate. Plus, what's with people? Like my mom always says, "If you can't say something nice..." Keep going, girlie!

  5. I've been lucky so far, no hate or ugly comments. Why would someone do that anyway?

  6. geriwood11:34 AM

    How sad. You keep going. I enjoy reading your post.


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