Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Is it Monday?

Nope. Tuesday. Drat. Can. I. Do. The. Whole. Blog. In. One. Word. Sentences?

haha. Nope again.

Busy with the life thing, and the little league thing, and the school thing. Right now I need to be in bed sleeping...so my creativity (which left me sadly sometime between last Tuesday and today)returns. Have to finish a couple of outfits...but in the meantime, I made these for the Block Party:

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Cute, huh? Of course I had to re-do the barrette...first time I did the barrette I beaded the last few beads backwards. Ya. Had to have a do-over. Took me FOREVER to get a decent pic too...couldn't get luLu to post for a pic so I had to do one sans model.