Monday, December 31, 2007


Who's that peeking out from behind that wee doggie patchwork? Why, its one last Little that I had to wait until it was opened before snapping some pics for you to see!

Here he is in all his dotted glory...

This blue Dotty Scottie dog was made from a pattern of Jenny's at AllSorts. Her original pattern is for felt, no seam allowances included...but this little guy was made from quilting cotton so I added 1/4 sa to all sides. He's awfully cute!

His tiny patchwork quilt was created from a Moda charm pack...backed in a dancing cats reproduction print, and quilted with machine featherstitch:

He was delivered to his new mama Lu, all nestled in the bottom of this dancing kitty tote...

complete with stuffed felt bone for chewing (tiny water & food dishses compliments of Lu, later.)

Here's to a bright, shiny New Year for all my blogger friends!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The presents are wrapped, the sewing machine is (finally) at rest, and I am exhausted! But in a good way.

I wish I had pictures of the lovlies to show you, but my camera ate them. There's no other explanation. There's a gap on my card of 20 pictures numerically...and I haven't a clue how that happened. I also wasn't paying attention so I wrapped the gifts and now can't show you. :(

What you missed...monogrammed theme pillowcases for my nephews (American Chopper, Army & OSU)...and a darling retro apron. I made a matching pair, one for my mom & a one for Lu to wear when baking with her "mema". I'll wrap them both for my mom. Lu has no idea, so I can't wait to see her face.

I'm going to relax & enjoy the last, precious hours before the big day with my kiddos. We have cookies to decorate and A Christmas Story to watch!

And for all of my blogger friends I'd like to wish you a....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little Gifts Pt 2

I just finished this darling purse for my soon to be sister-in-law...

The pattern is from a picture tutorial HERE on SewForum. Thanks to the very generous smoon for instructions!

The monogram stitches out perfectly. I've used a ton of the letters, and they're ALL perfect! It's a freebie from Judie on her yahoo group.

The handles are medium longish. Long enough to go over your shoulder, but not so long you look like you're going to sack groceries in it.

and the closure features a buttonhole & vintage button from my button box.

I'm a bad Santa. I really want to keep this one. You know, if I could think of an "S" word to describe myself. ;)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Little Gifts

Freestanding Lace bookmark from Stitch Delight for Laney's Sunday School teacher (she will also get one of the monogrammed cups.) I don't see this set on SecretsOf, which is probably where I purchased it from. But it is still available on the StitchDelight site.

I also made this gorgeous FSL ice skate ornament this week, for a SWAP I'm participating in over at NanaPennyPockets...

The skate is part of Anita Goodesign's Holiday Lace collection. It is beautiful when finished but it took 90 MINUTES to stitch out on my Bernina 170E!!! Yowza. That's when a second machine would come in handy, huh? (If you remember, my 2nd machine...a Babylock still under house arrest with my sister. Blast her.) I used a silk ribbon to make the hang tie, and I'm thinking about adding some crystals with my hotwand to bling up the swirlies just a bit.

My SWAP partner is also receiving this cute little wristlet...

It's constructed from a placemat from Garden Ridge! The adorable snowman was a freebie from Charming Station Embroidery last month. I believe it's still on her yahoo group though, in the freebies. There was a whole set of redwork snowmen! I can't take credit for the placemat wristlet idea, I was inspired by an adorable one over at SewForum.

And Lu had a ball yesterday decororating this plain jane purple frame with odds & ends from my stash. I photoshopped the picture of she & her friend Karen, so that they're fairies in a fantasy land.

I have a ton of things to finish for Lu...but she won't leave my side. Nosy little thing. Oh, and we got this at Wally World yesterday (don't laugh at my complete laziness in the baking area. I'll bake cookies & pumpkin loafs and gingerbread men next weekend...but it will have to wait til semester tests are graded!!)

Gotta go & get crackin now! Toodles!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mary, did you know?

The reason for the season...

Lu as Mary (and I didn't have to make the costume!)

The video is priceless, I wish you were all on high speed so I could upload it. (Because I'm sure you want to see it!) Lu was a beautiful Mary, and the 60 year old gym floors & gaggle of velvet clad preschoolers disappeared in the face of her amazing performance.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's Comin'

The forecast for today through Thursday...

and the Doppler radar right now over me (I'm about an hour or 2 from the blue stuff. Which is the white stuff, you know.)

Yikes. I better fill the tub with water and charge my laptop batteries! Dang I sure do wish my sewing machine had a battery! I've got projects to do!! At least the worst of it won't hit probably until tonight or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I made these yesterday for teacher gifts. The cups are from the Dollar General Store ($2.00) and have a removable base so you can switch out the insert. I used some scraps of Amy Butler & Jennifer Paganelli I had lying around, and monogrammed each with the teacher's initial. (Totally not my idea...I have seen these all fall on SewForum.) The alphabets were all freebies from SewForum too!

And I finished my 2nd "Temily" . This one is lime cotton lame with a little shimmer to it, smocked in simple 3 step waves and embellished with silver Japanese E beads:

I only had enough of hte lame in my stash to make the top, so the binding & ruffles are out of lime silk dupioni, which I washed & dried first to make it soft & drapey (and washable. ) I had trouble with the neckline this time and had to redo it once. But it turned out so cute!

Then I made these cute Christmas lounge pants for Lu out of stashed holly print with red dotty print for the contrast hemband & a red velvet ribbon trim:

Whew. I was busy yesterday! More to do today though. The Christmas rush is in full swing!


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

In a Pickle

The Christmas Pickle

You may or may not know the story of the Christmas Pickle. The Christmas pickle is a pickle-shaped ornament that is hidden deep in the boughs of the tree on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, the first child to find the Christmas pickle gets an extra gift from Saint Nicholas. (Or a year of good luck. As legends often do, it varies with the teller.)

This tradition is usually attributed to the Germans. The Germans say no. So nobody really knows, but if you do a little internet research you come up with a couple of plausible origins.

But that kinda takes the fun out of it.

I don't care where it originated, or even if its a complete fiction. After all, we hang stockings on the mantle too. So, this Christmas Eve I'll be hiding a pickle on my tree and we'll begin this cute little tradition at our house.

Just in case you want to join me, there's a spunky machine embroidered Christmas Pickle at Sew Weird. It's a free download, but you have to sign up for her newsletter to receive the link!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I Heart Elvis

But then, who doesn't?? I've been sorta busy this morning making & photographing this twirly skirt for an ebay launch tomorrow:

Only "sorta" busy, because it was actually alot of fun!! I like to sew when it's no pressure. This is a one of a kind set in size 4/5. Here's a close up of the cute retro Elvis print:

And of the tee, embellised with rick rack flower & a vintage button from my button box:

And a little bling bling to match...

Now it's on to Christmas projects & presents!!

ps... I feel lots better today, and thank you all for the well-wishes!