Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Half a Woman. Or Less.

I sew. Right? I'm inspired by designers...by all kinds of things. I tend to fall in love with a particular pattern maker or designer & religiously buy all their patterns...even if I end up never sewing ONE. It's a sickness, I'll admit it.

But I'm drawing the line at Khaliah Ali...who turned my pattern world upside down a couple of years ago when she debuted a Plus line through Simplicity. Cute, trendy styles in larger sizes. No One was DOING THIS. She, simply put, rocked. She personally modeled the patterns...and looked great. Proof below.

Then, shortly after, she chose to have gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. Frankly, I don't see her weight as being of the "gastric bypass surgery" level in those pictures. (But perhaps she had already started losing weight when these were taken? I really can't say. )

What I CAN say is that in her next collection she still looked fabulous, but obviously thinner...and her patterns were now available in smaller sizes (not just Plus). I was saddened by the GB Surgery information. It seems like such an extreme measure to take to lose weight.

And....sadly...this is a current collection photo from her Simplicity line...

She no longer looks good.

Her color is off, she's wan and somewhat "peaked" as my grandma would say. She just doesn't look well. I've seen this look in many a GB patient, frankly. It's usually due to MALNUTRITION.

People. STOP. Just stop. There is no reason to risk your life to fit into smaller jeans. There's no reason to give up your health, your sanity, a million thoughts a day because you feel that you're too "fat". Just eat. Ok? Love who you are, what you are, and if you don't....work on fixing THAT. And I'm not talking about body size. What if you were blind? Or paralyzed? Or on dialysis because of failing kidneys? Or sick with Stage 4 ovarian cancer? Would you be having gastric bypass then so you can be thin? Nope. Thin would probably be the furthest thing from your mind.

As a society we spend way too much time worried about the size of our a$$es. Mine is currently "too big" according to society's standards. I will never win an Oscar in a bone skimming (oops, I mean body-skimming) silk slip dress.

I won't say I'll never win an Oscar though.

You see, I believe in my self worth. I believe that I am something to be reckoned with. And that has nothing to do with the size of my a$$. It has everything to do with the person I am inside. Talent, ambition, grace, style. These things have nothing to do with a number on a scale that doesn't exist outside of gravity.

Love yourself. Whatever and whoever you are. Because you are really that special...and you can DO ANYTHING. Believe that...and you'll see how unimportant that number sewn into a scrap of denim really is.


Sunday, September 24, 2006


I was envisioning Dorothy with ruby slippers...or Tinkerbell and a lush lime tutu...

Lu had other ideas.

We started with this pattern:

And these fabrics...
Blue stretch lame for the top, black sequined knit for the knickers, and a black/blue stretch velvet for the sash. I added black pregathered lace & a single strand of sequins for trim.

We're this far with construction... (and this is one tough fabric to photograph!)

The sleeve flounces aren't on yet, I'm gluing the sequin trim on top of the lace header and that's easier to do while lying flat! (the flounce, not me.) Also, the top fits Lu perfectly...she's a 10 and my dressform is for ebay & is a 5, thus the voluminous-ness of it. ;)

After attaching the sleeve flounces, the top is basically done. I'm undecided on hemming it,
leaving it, or just topstitching the gathered trim onto the hem.

The pattern calls for "faux leather trim with eyelets"...BUT since I don't know of an S&M fabric stores nearby (hee), I made the eyelets on my sewing machine :D We ommited the eyelets from the sleeves (although should you find the trim, they would be very cute!) Plain 1/8" black satin ribbon will lace the front & trim the sleeve flounce with bows.

Shiny/blurry eyelet pic. Drat the focus unfriendly lame anyway.

Mini Tute ~ Preferred Halloween Fabrics
I chose to use all stretch fabrics, if you noticed. That's my rule of thumb when making Halloween costumes! I made the mistake a couple of times to use Satin or Brocade (as called for) in a costume only to be completely frustrated by the high-end finishing techniques required for a garment that will only be worn once! Knit fabrics are easy to sew, there are NO seam finishes required, and NO hems! You can construct the entire garment using a zigzag, also. Super quick & easy construction.

There are also LOADS of cute, flashy fabrics that you normally wouldn't or couldn't sew with that you can go ALL OUT on Halloween...such as (drumroll please....) Stretch Lame! Yay! And Sequined Knit! And Tulle!

Of course, another fabric I'd love to use more (ever?) would be sparkly organza...but alas, it ravels like there's no tomorrow and is doomed to the non-friendly Halloween fabrics stash.

I'll post a pic of the completed costume as soon as it's finished!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kitties for Nina...

The Atlantis Crew (ignore my in-progress paint job in this room & just ogle the kitties)

Elizabeth, JohnShepperd, Rodney, Ronan

Sneak attack....I've got a picture that needs re-hanging and it's their favorite "hideout". The non-hider can divebomb all emerging kitty parts from the step, so it serves a dual-purpose.

Prettiest Kitty Contest...


Ronan & Elizabeth have gone on to their new homes. :( We're still pretty sad. Especially me, who had to get up at 4 the past 2 mornings to comfort mamaless kitties (mama went to the same home as Elizabeth.)

The Keeper
He probably will never win Best Lookin' or Most Talented...his face is always dirty, and his nose is awfully long... but he purrs whenever I pick him up, he comes running when he hears my voice, and he's at this very second curled up in my lap asleep. JohnShepperd has my heart.


Parent/Teacher conferences tonight... Can you believe that? Feels like we just got started (and erica's kiddo's really DID just start last week!!) I had 3 parents. All fabulous kids with involved parents. I love to see them...but isn't it funny how you see the ones you really don't NEED to? Hmmm...

Going to sleep now. Wow, I'm old. It's 9:30!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Little Man

G is officially a football player. Wow. (and I asked him when he started going to practices..."Don't they have a weight limit? Like, shouldn't you weigh more than the pads?" He didn't think I was funny. Hee.)

G getting instructions from Coach...

My precious baby boy, with the full head of hair at birth that rivaled Suri Cruise's, who's sweet chubby grin and good-natured disposition won over every one he met....now speaks regularly about "crushing" and "hitting" and "takin' em DOWN!" With relish.

I blame testosterone. But just look how cute he is in his little uniform. He's still my baby boy...

Little snowman template is ready & up for auction. I limited the quantity to 5. If I sell ONE of them I'll be ecstatic. My first boutique sale! Sort of . If templates count. I guess we'd better save the woo-hoo's for later! Here's the link if you want a peek!!

Kitty Face
Sweet little baby. Just look at that face!

Gotta do actual work stuff now. Bummer.