Saturday, May 05, 2012

Colette Sorbetto's 1 & 2

So I kinda love this pattern now.  I want to make about a hundred of them. (more on that in a sec).

I know I promised I'd model them, but honestly I'm too darn lazy today to be bothered with doing something with my hair and face.  I don't even feel like putting "real pants" or a skirt on to give you some pictures.  Maybe next time!  (and I'm already on my 3rd Sorbetto so there will be a next time I'm sure!)

 As I said in the sneek peak, I used gathers instead of the pleat at the center front.

I'm not fond of a big fat pleat centered (but I *did* try it before going with gathers).  It pulled at odd angles and was generally not a flattering look.  Since I was using a cotton lawn, I think an airier feel is necessary, so the gathers are a win.

For the green lawn Sorbetto, I scooted the front pattern edge about 1" away from the fold, for even more gathers. 

Both tops have self-fabric bias bindings.  I love to do a binding like this because it finishes everything off so neat and tidy.  AND...if you take care while topstitching it in place (on the front of the fabric) it has a real "RTW" feel.

Although even not quite perfect topstitching looks pretty darn good.  Notice that my binding wasn't quite the right width all the way around, so I fudged when pressing it in place. Nobody has to know but me.  (well, and you.  now.)

I think this pattern may be my "t-shirt" staple.  I don't wear a lot of plain tees because I hate the way a crew neck feels, but I often wish I had several "throw on" tops to make getting dressed for casual things easier.  Isn't that what tees and jeans are to most people?

I can make this little top up in about a million different colors and prints.  And I can throw a cardigan over it for school and cooler weather. I might even try adding sleeves.  Or a frill.  And small release tucks instead of gathers.  And center front embellishment, like lace or beading.  I think I'll get creative on the next batch.  

Currently, I'm putting the bias bindings on another gather-front one as we speak, in a grey and navy print voile.  It's pretty sheer so I'll have to figure out a cami or tank to wear under it.  The bindings are a tiny bit trickier to apply too, with this gauzy voile, so it didn't get finished in time for a photo this afternoon.  I need to hem the green one (above) too, but that's mere minutes.

This morning I ordered a few pretty lawns and shirtings from Fashion Fabrics Club.  Most are for Sorbetto, but a couple are for Colette Violet.  I have it mostly fitted too, and it will be another great staple.



Since the Sorbetto only takes about a yard (I ordered 1-1/4 yd for self-bias bindings) each one will cost approximately $6.  Not too shabby!

I hope you're having a productive weekend!  Or at least a relaxing one. :)

Tomorrow it's...



  1. We are DYING to get into The Avengers tomorrow night but I'm not hopeful. Since we'll be out of town, I'm also leery to order tickets online. We shall see.

    Those are ADORABLE tops and I am totally loveing that yellow border print lawn. Of course I love all the lawns (being a Lawn Addict) but that yellow is going to be C.U.T.E.

  2. I love Sorbettoo pattern. Really like the fabrics you used.

  3. I downloaded this ages ago and tissue fitted it and thought huh !! I need a FBA and the armholes are way to high I just couldn't be bothered. However after seeing yours I am going to give it another go. Your fabrics are so pretty and I really could do with more throw on tops too.

  4. Good to see you sewing again! Your Sorbettos are so pretty--light and airy and cool for the hot summers you have. You have some beautiful fabrics coming in.

  5. Love, love, love your sorbetto tops. I see you'v added a dart along with those gathers. I'm sure they fit perfectly and I can't wait to make the pattern for myself this summer. But how mean you are to tempt me with all those yummy fabrics when I'm trying to save my money for NYC fabric shopping.

  6. What a great deal. Love your versions of the tops. I need quick and easy throw on tops too and make skirt after skirt after dress after skirt. I have the pattern on my table currently, not sure I want to invest the time to make it fit. That that's my weekend (well Sunday) plan. g

  7. Lovely Sorbetto's, they'll be enchanting with jeans or a white skirt. Can't beat the combo of "pretty" and "casual" for summer wear!

    You've inspired me to give this top one more try. My "wearable muslin" is just okay, too short, and still needs fine-tuning (dart length and placement on the pattern is awful, IMO, and my tweaks didn't quite cure them or poor armscye fit). I think I'd like gathers more than the pleat, so am going to try your solution.

    Look forward to seeing your Violet top, too.

  8. These look great! I might have to give this top a try. And you are going to LOVE the Avengers!

  9. Super cute and look so comfy and romantic for summer. I think I need a few of these too!

  10. Anonymous12:41 PM

    oh I can't believe it! I used the exact same green cotton for my Sorbetto! I used bright pink bias tape and it's a fun top. I also have Violet on my to-do list. Can't wait to see yours!

  11. I love the fabrics you've used. Very pretty.

  12. I know this an old post but I'd love to know how you added gathers to this instead of the pleats. I love what you did to these! I'm a busty girl and I'm thinking these would look good on me. They just look so comfy for warm weather. Thanks

  13. Hi Karen! I just scooted the edge of the pattern about 1-2" away from the fold (instead of "on" the fold). Then I marked the edges of the original pleat and use those as my stop/end points for gathering. It's a really simple alteration! :)

  14. Thanks hun! I'll be trying that. :)

  15. I downloaded this pattern, but was wondering which pages you used.. there are so many of them! Also wondered which version, 1, 2, or 3.. and to get the fullness of the top, did you angle the length? Thanks- so many questions- sorry

  16. Thanks for showing sorbetto with gathers as that's what I'm going to try and it's good to see it first. I assume that you added a little width to the back too to add the gathers there.

    1. I need a little ease stitching along the back neckline for a rounded upper back, so I've probably made that alteration. There are no true "gathers" in back though, and the pattern doesn't include that. :)

  17. Very cute tops! I live in Florida where our summers are hot and humid, and I hate t-shirts. They are so hot and clingy. Breezy cotton tops are a staple for me since I do not wear t-shirts. I have a pattern similar to yours but with sleeves. It is nice to have the sun protection on the shoulders. As a thrifty option, I use men's dress shirts that I buy at a thrift store for $1-$2. If you buy a large or greater, it will give enough yardage to make a top like this, and those light weight cottons are so exquisite! I usually put the button down part in the back, and it gives little vents between the buttons where the wind can blow in - need all the extra cooling possible. Great pattern, and beautiful fabrics! Thanks for posting!

  18. Any chance one can buy one of these from
    You? I do not see but they are so cute!

  19. I'd love to buy one or two also...I love the green and purple!! Any chance you sell them?


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