Friday, October 31, 2008

Queen of Hearts pt 3

This one's image heavy, but absolutely worth it! (Um, you know, if you're her mom or other significant relative. But I think you guys will enjoy it too!)

the whole enchilada

her "scary face". Aw!

Fall is GORGEOUS right now in the Ozarks:

The entertainer...

Gotta Sing...Gotta Dance!

And one more try at the fright face...

(Nope, still not scared Lu.)

And just for Gaylen, who's been ever so patient. This is my other girl, Stella, posing like a doggie model:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Queen of Hearts pt 2

A little costume-y update! The skirt & underskirt are finished (yay!) and we (Lu & me) are just plain old declaring this one done.

Photog'd on a full size dressform. Use your imagine to picture it on an 11 year old!! Although we originally envisioned a little vest or bustier type top to wear over a plain white tee, for the sake of time (and mom's sanity) we decided a Flo-inspired heart pin to wear on said white tee would work just as well!



And just a reminder of the little hat, now hot glued to a french barette, to be pinned at a saucy angle on Lu' s head tomorrow night.

Whew. Now bring on the chocolate!

ps...I'll update with a photo of the girl wearing it later!

Listening to THIS

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've started 2 projects (3 if you count Halloween) this past week. First I started Simplicity 3673, a retro jumper/dress.

I'm all over retro patterns and vintage patterns (as you well know!) I'm having fit issues with this one though. The wide almost -boatneck is just not cooperating in the back. And if I get it right in the back, then I have issues in the front. If you look close at the pattern photo though, the same issues are going on in the sample dresses.

I put it aside to percolate and started the super cute knit top in the October BWOF. 10-2008-114:

This should have been an easy top, start to finish. Heck it's got cut-on kimono sleeves even! But my fabric presented the first isse. It was an odd width (48") and so not wide enough on the fold. So I had to make center seams for lower front & back, and upper backs. That's not that big an issue. Until I forgot to stitch the CB in the upper sections before attaching to the fronts. Which also wouldn't be a big deal if I had remembered to bind the neckline FIRST!!! I had to pick the entire seam out.

Grrr. Arrggh.

Setting it aside until the Queen of Hearts is finished, which should be tonight.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Queen of Hearts (pt 1)

Just a quick peek at Lu's Halloween costume! It's about 1/2 finished...but cute as heck. You can't see the whole thing (patience is a virtue) but you CAN see a couple of my favorite parts.

Tiny Top Hat

For size perspective, here's the hat sitting in my palm:

Here's how I made it! I took a small, round paper mache box and discarded the lid. That became the tall portion of the hat. I took apart the lid to a larger, round paper mache box, removing the rim. The circle left became the base of my hat. I hot glued the top to the base & painted the whole thing gloss white. On the second coat of paint (while wet) I sprinkled the entire hat with clear, superfine glitter. And boy does it GLITTER:

Then I just glammed it up some more with ribbon, maribou & a red silk rose. If I can find a mini pack of playing cards (party favor section) then I'll be tucking a Queen of Hearts card in the band behind the rose & feather.

The main portion of the skirt will be petals, with faux-applique hearts in reverse colors. I'm just fusing and the gluing trim around the edges. Not taking the time to actually applique them by machine! The underskirt is red tulle.

The underskirt is almost finished (Lu tied the tutu herself!) The petals are all heart-fused and cut out, and the white ones all stitched & ready to press. Now its on to stitching the red petals & starting the top (which is very simple!)

(Thank Goodness it's the Weekend)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's been a peaceful, quiet weekend.

Which could be because my cordless phone is dead and I forgot to pick up a new one yesterday. Ya think that was Freudian? In any case, I ended up with enough time on my hands to start a new project for Lu.

(I seem to be in a bit of a rut in the sewing for me department. Lu doesn't mind.)

I chose this cute Project Runway pattern from Simplicity:

I'm making the yellow version, with the hem band from the black view.

I'm using light purple knit from stash, nicely aged. In fact, it's almost as old as Lu herself. Hee. The best part (of course) is the embellishment, which took the better part of one viewing of Haunted Mansion.

This applique heart is from Anita Goodesign, part of a design collection called Sugar & Spice. I really, really heart Anita Goodesign. But they are pricey. I only buy the collections that I know I can use several different ways. I'm generally more of an individual design purchaser!

Stitched out perfect, even using metallic threads. I have a pucker on the lower right, but that's probably my fault from pulling too hard when tearing off my stabilizer. It should steam out just fine.

Stay tuned! I hope to finish this one tomorrow so I can move on to other things. Like Christmas! People! Do you realize there are only 66 Days til Christmas!??!

Just in case you're not sure (I wasn't), you can go HERE to check and see if you're on the Naughty or Nice list. (I recommend doing so now, while you still have time to mend your fences with the fat man.)

Ok, now I promise not to mention the big C again until after the big H.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Admiration, that is.

The amazingly talented Niamh of Urban Threads just featured your own little jemima bean (aka ME) on her blog! SWEET!

Feel free to go HERE to view my 15 seconds of craft fame.

Since I am a huge fan of Niamh's artist-y goodness (and I've kind of had a crap October personally speaking) I feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

Thanks Niamh!

I've got two tees for my girl Lu ready for some UT embroidery, so keep watching (or should that out?)

I ask you, what's not to love about
humorously fabulous machine embroidery?

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Jenna, you had us at Bjorn. If you haven't read Jenna's apology, go HERE and read it, it's a hoot. Thank you all for playing along! It was great fun and we had a hard time choosing a favorite. Jenna, if you will send your mailing address to jemimabean at gmail dot com, I'll get your book in the mail this week!

This afternoon I tinkered with my assortment of jewelry pliers & my new beads, & came up with this piece of finery:

Sparkly, dangly earbobs. As promised.

And then I gathered up some favorite patterns to pick out a new project. I turn my back for TWO SECONDS and this is what I find.

Me: "Fat Kitty! Have you no shame?"

Fat Kitty: "I don't understand a thing you say sometimes."

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Twenty Dollar Saturday was a success! Wanna see what an Andrew Jackson buys in today's economy if you put your mind to it??

Firstly, I packed snacks. I didn't want to waste any of my moolah on eats and drinks.

Next, I stopped at the bank to pick up my $20. Must have been a conspiracy or something because I got 2 Alexander Hamilton's instead. Aha! Alex spends just the same as Andy. My plan can't be foiled that easy!

Next up...Oops. No really, that's the name of the store. It's a reseller of discontinued or overstock merchandise. And a TON of fun to browse around in because everything is dirt cheap. I fell in love with this little guy, the most expensive thing I bought all day:

See, me & the frog prince go way back. It started years ago when I lamented how I sure had kissed an awful lot of frogs in my time...where the heck was my prince anyway? It got to be a thing, and my girlfriends have been buying me frog prince's ever since. This one was just too cute to resist.

Oops Total: $4.92

Next up, the flea market! I have to be in the mood to enjoy flea marketing, and today wasn't exactly that day. But I did want a new book for reading on this lazy weekend I've got planned, and I also was hoping for a good magazine to thumb through. Score! This issue of Domino is even the Oct/2008 issue! And the book is by one of my favorite romance authors, LaVyrle Spencer.

October 2008 Issue of Domino = $1

Twice Loved by LaVyrle Spencer = $1

Flea Market Total: $2.18

I've been a little tired of my current selection of earrings. I am a loyal jewelry-wearer. I pick a good, classic pair and wear them every day. As such, I've got a gold pair of dangly hoops and a silver teardrop pair that I alternate. I've been wanting a little more flash and bling these days though.

Since I'd rather not blow the entire rest of my day's budget on sparkly dangly earbobs...a trip to Hobby Lobby was in order. Fate was smiling at me today because jewelry findings were 50% off! I picked up some ear hooks and eye pins, and some beautiful AB crystal beads. Sparkly, dangly earbobs coming right up!

Hobby Lobby Total: $4.87

Rue 21 just happens to be across the parking lot from HL, and they just happened to have some sidewalk sale racks today. Score again! Taupey-Gray tee, perfect for some rocking Urban Threads embellishment:

Rue 21 Total: $3.28

A Saturday outing just isn't an outing without a trip to Hancocks. Right? It really was my day because Buttericks & McCalls were both on sale for 99 cents today. My take? McCalls 5632, 5429, and 5631.

Hancock's Total: $3.24

Any math whizzes out there keeping a running total? Ya, I have $1.51 left. What am I going to find out there for $1.51?? Including tax? I thought about returning to the flea market. I had about 8 books in my hands before I decided to spread my money around.

Instead, I decided that since my luck had been so favorable all day, I'd try my local Wal-Mart, which has always carried the best overstock & mill end fabrics on the $1 table. (I know that's not true for most WM's, but we're very close to the distribution center which may make a difference. We get a lot of good stuff!)

Don't hate me because I'm lucky. But yes, 1.25 yards of beautiful pale lime, soft and buttery cotton knit came home with me.

Wal-Mart Total: $1.36

And the grand finale, Twenty Dollar Saturday Total is...

So there you have it folks. A complete day of shopping til dropping, all for under $20!


I like the weekend because I have "me" time...where I can lay around in my pj's (original plan for today) or I can hop in the car and go browse Barnes & Noble or my favorite fabric shop, or the flea market. I don't have to make small talk, I can be completely incognito (oh, ok then. Antisocial.)

It's not that I don't like people. Really. It's more that I spend 8+ hours of the weekdays surrounded by 25 of them, and I spend most of that time talking. Sometimes I just like

But these days I've been limiting the me-trips because the economy's crunch is getting personal. Oy.

I decided to treat myself today and venture back out but limit myself to one Andrew Jackson. For the day.

Now I'm all excited thinking about ways to stuff as much into old Andy as possible. Starbucks? I think not. I'll make my own at home and take it along. That's a cool 4 Georgie-Boy's saved.
New book at BN? Maayyybeee. But I can find loads of em at the flea market for 2 bucks. (Erm, still going to BN because you never know when you might run onto handsome boy-who-reads-soulmate.)

I'll admit though, the fabric & pattern store IS a problem. Hmmm. I'll get back to you on that one.

I plan to document the day, so I'll report back later with my loot.

Wanna play along? Join me for a 20-dollar Saturday (or whatever day you like to wander out with the masses.) How much can YOU buy for 20 bucks??

Friday, October 10, 2008


Not much creativity going on here. It's been sucked forcefully from my brain by Mon-Thur. But I had to snag this cute graphic from LindsayT's blog anyway:

No, all that's going here is football, beautiful fall weather, and lots of sleep. I'm still trying to catch up. TGIF!!

Don't forget you have TWO MORE DAYS for the Apology Contest! View all the details in the post below, including the pretty cool prize. Shannon & I will choose our favorite Sunday evening & I'll post the winner Monday.