Monday, February 27, 2012

Dream Closet: Lena Hoschek

Love love LOVE Lena Hoschek's Spring/Summer 2012 line...

Circle skirt...OMG.  Must have.

Lace skirt...dare I knock this off??  Is there an age limit on lace skirts??
 High-waist, button front shorts.  Love the print mixing too.
 I think this pink top with rick-rack trim is so sweet.  Maybe too sweet for moi with the puffed sleeves (my linebacker shoulders probably would be better in a cap or more tailored sleeve).  Notice how all of her tops are basically the same pattern?? Uh huh.  Why don't I do that more often??

 Hey! A very festive Fiesta-like Skirt
 A very Sophia Loren shirtwaist dress...
I'm loving large ginghams in a big way right now.  LARGE. GINGHAM.
Patchwork skirt.  I love this!

I probably need to put together a wardrobe plan and coordinate my vintage pattern stash so I can knock most (all?) of these off.  So many things my beloved Chuck would approve of too...

I'm really grateful for feminine, vintagey fashions like these.  So inspiring!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Vintage Patio or Fiesta Skirts

What I'm obsessed with right now: The colorful, twirly, rick-racked perfection of the "fiesta" or "patio" tiered skirt.

Also charming in dress form:

There are tons of patterns from the 50s for these tiered skirts.  I wonder where the inspiration for their popularity came from?  Westerns?  In any case, there are a wide variety of styles available in pattern form out there...

And if you make a patio skirt, you must make a peasant blouse to go with.  Am I right?

Surely spring will be on its way soon...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Re-Mix Vintage Shoe Sale: 50% off!

If you love vintage shoes you probably love Re-Mix Vintage, authentic reproductions of some really great 30s & 40s shoes.  I've never owned a pair, just coveted several, because they're also pricey.

Well-made (some in Mexico, some in Spain), super comfortable, lovely.  But pricey.

This morning I stumbled across an online retailer who must be liquidating all of their Re-Mix Vintage stock, DNA Footwear.  Every pair is 50% off!! 

No refunds, all sales final.  But the price is much closer to "right" if you've been waiting to buy a  pair!

Not affiliated with DNA Footwear in any way... just thought I'd share the great find!  It was serendipitous, as I have been saving for a pair and only had half saved. Ha.  The green "Greta" wedge above is on it's way to my house!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prada: SS2012

Awesomely vintage.  And a little kooky.

And my faves from the Resort 2012:

So much color! And prints!  That's why I love the resort collections. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My sewing machines: Featherweight 221

For my birthday a little over a year ago, I bought myself a Featherweight.  I'd wanted one for a long time, so I stalked ebay and got really lucky!  She's beautiful:

I've been taking it out of the box and sewing with it lately, just practicing.  The tension seems finicky and I'm wondering if I have it threaded correctly.  I wish someone would make a youtube video!

Every now and then I run across a box of attachments or other goodies at a flea market or on etsy.

I keep all of my attachments and the (reproduction) manual in an old green tackle box I got at a garage sale. I've seen vintage "attachment cases" to match your sewing machine case, made by Singer.  Too pricey!  My tackle box works pretty darn well.  And matches all the attachment boxes too.

Something I bought had that original Singer 66-18 manual in it...I don't have that machine though.  If one of you has that machine and would like the manual, leave me a comment or email me and it's yours.

Thursday...that means Friday is TOMORROW.  Woot!