Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Burda Style: April 2013

I'm so far off my blogging game, I thought I'd posted this LAST WEEK. ha!  In a nutshell, here are my favorites from the April issue of Burda Style (which you've already gotten and found your own favorites probably.  But still.  A new post! yay!)

Those are my favorites. What are yours??

ps...I finished a second novel (the first draft) about 10 days ago! I started a third on last Saturday (a week ago) and have been writing up a storm.  So...that's partly why I've been incognito the past few months.  Writing, writing, writing. 

The second one, it's pretty special.  I'll be working on the revise/editing/second draft of that one to prepare it for that whole scary submission process.  But not for a few weeks yet (probably in June when I'm out of school!)  Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring. FINALLY.

Just a little pretty inspiration while it (yes) SLEETS outside my window on this fine spring day.

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Now if the weather would just cooperate, and my pocketbook would GROW. I might be in business. ;)

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ottobre 2/2013. And Pi. And Dean.

I got my Ottobre Woman in the mail last week! Did you? I only subscribe to the women's issues now, since Lu won't let me sew for anymore. 

I thought this was a great little issue, with several basic designs I can see myself using over and over (Kristine thought it was a terrible issue, with nothing she could use ever. So...your mileage will vary! Also, Kristine is a Crabby Patty. She also thinks I'm terrible half the time and has no use for me either.)

All kidding aside though, there are some great basics here! Especially if you've never tried Ottobre before.  #14 is a basic sheat dress pattern (on the right below):

And I love the 40s/80s throwback of the blouse #9 (colorblocked below):

 The jacket is pretty cute too, a linen "motorcycle" jacket!

Then we have a nice basic wrap top/dress, #19 (nothing innovative, but still a flattering silhouette on most body types):

And also a cardigan/jacket #12 and a pair of slim pants in ALL sizes (I love when the do all size pants. So often they don't!). Pants #5 & #6.

Knit colorblocked dress. I'm not sure I have the patience? But I actually like this. #17:

And although I hated the gather neck tee below at first  because of the odd shaping, it's growing on me. Tee #13, with shorts #5&6 (all sizes!)  The sleeveless top though, that's fabulous! #3:

I even like the dress/tunic version below left, #7:

That's about it for me, I guess.  But then, that's almost all of the garments too! So it's a keeper.  Maybe if you missed this issue, Kristine will sell you hers. Muwhahaha...

In Random Fits of Nonsense And Wasted Time News...

Happy Pi Day!

from me & my favorite tv boyfriend, Dean Winchester.
He has rhythm. 
I make baked goods. 

Basically, it's a match made in tv heaven.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

wednesday wisdom.

(The Dowager Countess is my homegirl.)

ps. Season 3 Downton Abbey, you are dead to me.
You hear me? Dead.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Burda Style: March 2013

I almost forgot to renew this year (yikes!) and while I've been mojo-less for months, I still love looking through my Burda Style every month.  Luckily, GLPNews sent me the March copy in the mail. Whew!

Here are my favorites!

I could own several of these cute capelet/jackets! So cute, and other than the hassle of marking that rounded casing, how easy to sew too! 

Channeling my beloved Season 1 Glee with this cute cardigan and skirt (there's also a basic pencil skirt in this issue).

Several garments with applied seaming treatment. This top is from the plus section and I L*O*V*E it.

I don't care if we've seen it before, this time it has a bonus EXPOSED ZIP.

Burda Style obvs knew I was going to Belize this summer.

Vintagey Chanel-esque jacket, and slim cigarette pants.  (Ignore the ugly midriff top thing)

Sweet spring dress. I think they did this exact pattern a few years ago, in a similar floral.  Still cute, subtle shaping.

Vavoom sundress, instantly reminded me of Sophia Loren, although I couldn't find a photo. It has a very "50s summer" vibe. (Louis Vuitton agreed.)

Another 50s inspired piece, the lace top.

Adorable sheath dress, reminded me of Joan's navy dress with applied trim and button detailing.  (Super easy to extend that trim to the hem on one side only!)

Little "black" dress love (poorly fitted on the model, but the lines are perfect):

Boho chic, how I love thee:

Those are my picks from this issue! I'm dying for spring to hurry and get here.  Come on sun!

Any favorites I missed out there in sewing blogland??