Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Between Games!

What's been keeping me running (& occupied NOT sewing) the past couple of weeks...

Some of you blogger girls remember my Lu is a softball fanatic and we spend most of April through June at the fields. She was smoking hot last night!

And here's my nephew on the left (he's 11) and an opposing player (ALSO 11!!!!) Would you LOOK at the size of that kid? He looks like a grown man! In fact, he's almost as big as the 6' grown man standing next to him. Wow.

Also a big birthday shoutout to my BFF Buffy! A visit across the Okie state was in order this weekend so I could bring Texas Sheet Cake and gift cards. Oh, and smooch the heck out of this:

Doll Baby

Two more games this week then a bit of a breather next week before things pick up again, so maybe I'll get some sewing time!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


...to avoid admitting I still haven't finished my skirt. But on that subject...I'm making the green one below (2nd from left). Just look at how perfectly below chubby knee length it appears! That voodoo better kick in shortly.

Moving on...

Katie wanted more info on the Anna Tunic by Amy Butler (my next project I'm thinking.) I'm not thrilled with the tie either, just because I don't think I'm motorvated enough to keep it cutely tied. But the back of the pattern shows an adorable mini-dress view (which I will mini right on up to top length.) Score! See the pretty sans tie below (along with a gorgeous fabric flower.)

FUNNY free embroidery design over at SewForum. (You have to register to view free embroidery designs, totally worth it.)

And...a really cool freebie tote pattern at Quilting Arts TV (you also have to register to view the project files). This tote is from #107. The way the fabric is folded & sewn automatically creates pockets inside (or so I'm told.)

Lastly, I'm waiting soooo (im)patiently for my order from YesAsia to arrive. It's a box full of these:

Back to diligently working on my skirt. No. Really.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hip Skirts

Well, I scraped together enough MOJO to start a new project!

The pattern is Favorite Things Hip Skirts, and the Fabric is part of the Amy Butler Midwest Modern line. Not entirely in love with this little skirt yet...not the fault of the wild print, which I LOVE. But I think the skirt is going to be a little too short. Hmph.

If it IS too short on completion, I will accept responsibility on this one. I noticed the shortness when I was cutting out the pattern, but the pattern envelope photo appears the perfect length. I assumed there would be a little perfect length voodoo happenin at some point.

So far, no voodoo progression, but here's the skirt thus far...

Looks pretty cute flat on my table. We'll see how much I like those pleats when it's time to launder and press the skirt. OR when it's just short enough to show my flabby knees.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brief Pause for a FanGirly Moment...

BSG S4 Ep2 ~ Six of One

OMGosh, Shannon (et al) did you watch last night??? I was laughing at Baltar, squicked out by Tory (yet oddly fascinated), clutching my heart at Lee/Kara, and all sniffly at the military sendoff. I've already watched it twice and I couldn't sleep last night after the episode I was so worked up.

Now THAT'S good television. Those of you who don't watch...RUN, don't walk, to the nearest Blockbuster and rent the first 3 seasons. You are missing the best show...ever.

(Sewing and crafting can now resume.)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dude, Where's My Mojo?

I have this pattern

Favorite Things Hip Skirts

and this pattern

Favorite Things Prairie Girl

and this pattern

Amy Butler Anna Tunic

all laid (layed? Katie?) out on my living room floor. Where they've lain (?) for the past 4 nights. With my pins, scissors, and assorted fabrics. Including these screaming-spring Amy butler prints:

As I sit in my green hand-me-down recliner and gaze upon these vast riches without a single iota of sewing lustfulness, I wonder...

Where hath the want-to gone?


Sunday, April 06, 2008


This was an absolutely beautiful day. I snapped some pics of the assorted blooms around my yard...hyacinths, cherry tree, peach tree, redbud, and more. I hope you had as lovely a Sunday as we did! (No sewing tho. Too pretty to be stuck inside on a day like today!)

There are a few more shots on my flicker!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

No Soda April

Colleen over at Not Quite Vintage has pledged to give up soda (pop for us southern plains girls) for the month of April...in an attempt to kick the soda habit. Sounds good to me, and this was one of my goals for spring/summer anyway! I've already stocked up the Crystal Light water bottle packet thingies here at home and in my desk at work.

You don't have to completely give it up...Colleen has made no rules for us rule-breakers who will not be denied. You can choose to do a Cut Down Soda April if ya want to, Soda with Pizza April, or any variation thereof.

I don't think its plausible I will NEVER drink a root beer, so I'm going to try to go No Soda Except With Popcorn April.

Wanna join?

Friday, April 04, 2008

12 TNT's

Here's my response to Lisa (from Sew Random), who asked this earlier in the week...What 12 TNT patterns would you take with you if you had to move into a small space w/no access to retail or internet pattern sources for one year?

No. 1...Simplicity 5074

I've dressed these simple drawstring pants up, down and everywhere in between. I even used them for the One Pattern Many Ways contest last year on PR. Definitely a keeper.

No. 2...Simplicity 4068

Basic flat front, fly front trousers. You gotta have trousers. Right? I can even make these in denim.

No. 3...Loes Hinse Design Tango Skirt

Super simple, you almost don't need a pattern. But it's nice that someone else figured out the lengths and angles of the panels for me. Perfect execution every time, with a sassy little swish around your legs.

No. 4...Loes Hinse Swing Skirt

Exactly what it claims to be...a flippy little skirt with lots of potential for variations.

No. 5...Loes Hinse Sweater Set

I've made this too many times to count, and it always amazes me how quickly it goes together and yet still looks like I picked it up at a boutique. Loes' magic. I love it in sweater weights and lighter knits too.

No. 6...Textile Studios Santa Monica Tee

I almost left this one off, but I do reach for it at least twice a year. Simple to construct, with an elegant neckline that never screams "homemade".

No. 7...Textile Studios Milan Dress

My all time favorite sundress pattern. The one people stop me to ask "this is gorgeous, where'd you get it?" Often.

No. .8..Textile Studios Capri Jacket

This is one of those patterns that I have to store in a big ziplock baggie and use extra care because the envelope and pieces are all raggedy from use. I've made it long, short, velvet, linen, and everything in between.

No. 9...New Look 6414

Lounge wear at its absolute best! I perfected the fit on the tops in this package a long time ago, so when I need a quick summer top I can whip one out in no time, but with style! The wrap jacket is a perfect complement to a cami or tank too, and goes together super easy because of the raglan sleeves.

No. 10...Ottobre 2/07 Puff Sleeve Tee

I can't remember if we had to choose just patterns or a magazine was ok, but it wouldn't matter. I'd cheat on this one. I can't live without my Ottobre tee!!! Even if I can only take my tee pattern pieces with me to the desert island, it would be worth it.

No. 11... New Look 6407

The best "basic shirt" pattern ever. All of my other tops are knit patterns so I would really have to take a woven pattern along to the island and this would be my first choice.

and finally No. 12...New Look 6429

I might find myself in need of a dressier dress than the Milan, thus the NL dress must make it into the top 12 also (even if the fit isn't totally perfected yet. But hey, I have a year, right?)

That's it! My 12 can't live without, TNT patterns. Of course I had runners up... Loes Hinse Cruise Pant and Textile Studeio Barcelona Dress (two old favorites that I remake a lot), and Ottobre 2/06 Ruffled Skirt (a peasant skirt I will never grow tired of) are three who hope they can stow away!

I can't wait to see everyone else's choices!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Old Friends, New Friends

Earlier this week I had a day when I felt about as alone in the world as you can feel (surrounded by people.) I even commented to someone that I simply had no "friends" anymore. And then I was proven wrong.

I was asked to lunch today by a coworker who is fast becoming one of my favorite people. I haven't had lunch with a girlfriend in more than a year, and it was such fun! We had soup & yummy bread in a little coffee shop in town and chatted it up for more than an hour. (We also said grace before eating, which I almost never do because I'm usually eating alone. Have you ever been in that situation where you are awkwardly not going to say grace and your eating companion does? It didn't dampen the fun for me, just thought I'd throw it out there for ya so this post isn't entirely full of sap.)

Then when I got home, I had an email from my oldest girlfriend (not the oldest girl I know, but the one who's been stuck with me the longest period of time, HA!) but haven't seen in 2 years (or talked to since Christmas.) So I impulsively called her up and we had a nice long catch up too.

THEN I go through the rest of my emails and find that one of my very favorite blogger pals ever, Sew Random, has given me this:

Now I get to pass it on to some well deserving bloggers! I would have to pick:
Katie, who cracks me up while she's writing & sewing
Sharon, with the uber fun flashback Fridays! (And sewing goodies too)
Tamara, a new blogger friend & seamstress! (& one of those knitters too. I love knitters.)
Cosy Up, a gorgeous craft blog!
Cindy, who has the sweetest smocked dresses and things to share!

Of course the ultimate Excellent blog for me is Shannon of Frogs in a Bucket. One of my very best friends in the whole world, cyber or otherwise.

Now back to Lisa of Sew Random...she played an April Fool's trick on us readers, saying she had pared her patterns down to an even dozen Tried N Trues, because she figured she'd never in a million years be able to sew all of the rest up. It was a (funny) joke, but so many people fell for it, now she's asking this: What 12 TNT patterns would you take with you if you had to move into a small space w/no access to retail or internet pattern sources for one year?

Post a comment here or on Lisa's blog (or both!) and on Friday, we'll all have fun reading each other's can't-live-without dozen TNTs.