Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer's comin!!

I can seriously TASTE summer. 
How about an inspirational picture dump? Yes? 
source (gorgeous!) 
Lena Hoschek again!

And for Krisine (bahah, I crack myself up)...CHEVRON SHORTS!

ps. If my butt looked like this I'd wear chevron shorts too.


  1. So pretty. I love the dark florals that are popular now.

    Did you know Lena Hoschek is on Pinterest? I have a board where I pin steampunkery stuff that I love where I can dream of being 20 years younger and about 50% cooler. hehe I pinned one of her awesome designs and said something about how I love her designs and how steampunk some of her stuff is. She commented on my pin: ":)" Okay, she smiley faced at my pin but I seriously felt so cool.

  2. Who makes the skirt in the first picture? :)


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