Sunday, April 29, 2007

Avalon & a little Juicy "Couture"

Hey, I actually accomplished something this weekend! I finished up two sets to ship to my sweet little model Bella. Here's a peek!



And amazingly, there's more design stuff in the works.

Meanwhile, my friend Shannon, who is just my FAVORITE PERSON IN CYBERLAND (Hi Shan!) is coming to Blogland. With the funniest dang tagline EVER. Let's just say that her blog will be a haven for those of us who long for the time, the money, the simple chance to actually SEW...but children, work, real life responsibilities prevent our inner "Sewing Diva" to fully emerge and blossom. Shan calls it being the "anti-Diva". Which, frankly, tickles me five shades of PINK.

Stay tuned...


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hole-y Cannoli Batgirl...

As I snipped the final hanging threads from a sweet little peasant top (soon to be a custom shipment to a model), I did this:

Argh. Back to the cutting board on that one, eh?

But the capri's are delicious! Here's a peek...

Back to the sewing machine!


Friday, April 27, 2007

Digital Gifts are da'Bomb

In true geek-girl fashion, I bring you the gift of digi-frames. Ya, I was bored tonight. Many of you ebay & etsy, so feel free to snurch away!! :o)

If you have PSP X you should be able import the image file as a picture frame. Or, they're all .png files (on transparent background) so you can just overlay them on your photos too and resize to fit.

lurv my lurkers dontcha know!

Pink Gerber Frame

Daisy Frame

Scroll-y Grung-y Frame

Patriotic Frame

Filigree Frame

Grunge Floral Frame


Thursday, April 26, 2007

P. R. Filler

I've been biding my time waiting for the next season of Project Runway...watching BSG dvd's and Everybody Loves Raymond repeats on tv. BUT, I discovered Shear Genius on Bravo last night

Basically, it's Project Runway for hair. HAS to be the same producers/creators, because it's an obvious ripoff of PR. The pacing, the challenges, the set, heck even Jaclyn Smith's mondo-serious "This was your last cut" is Heidi-esque (as if!! She's clearly a wannabe.)

There's even a "Laura Bennett" (Tabatha) and a "Michael" (Anthony). Which is cool. PR Season 3 was my fave!

And last night, the winning haircut was created with these...

although NOT by him. He's a dork of the first degree, and is in NO WAY TO BE MISTAKEN AS A "TIM GUNN"!!! There's only ONE Tim, and dude is most definitely not it.

On the other hand, it's always fun to watch people act like horses arses on tv, and for some mystical cosmic reason, it's even more fun if they're of questionable character &/or sexuality.

So it's watchable. But, I offer no apologies for the voracious SQUEE'ING I'll be doing when the real PR returns to tv later this year. Bring on the too-thin, the too cute, the too tattoo'ed, the too former drug-addicted, the too-gay designers of extreme fashion. America is waiting.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Gorgeous, vintage-y custom from a fellow OK girl...

This set has sold, but you can search Whimsy Baby for more. I'd mark her as a favorite, she's super nice to boot!

And this, by jollies, THIS is yum-MAY!

It's by winipoo . The price tag is largess...but hey, "Mom" is worth it, right? Plus, it's like, ART.

As for moi, I have 1 leg done of a 2-leg pair of capri's. CUTE. Er, at least the one leg is. You'll have to take my word for it. Its going out this weekend to the sweetest little model. You know, just as soon as the other leg finishes itself (because I'm WAY too busy surfin the 'bay for pretties to do it now.)

Finally, while I debated saving this for a later post, in the end I can't resist sharing the utmost of the highest in automobile manufaturing...

Yes, friends, the Japanese have created the Hello Kitty-mobile. You might want to hide this post from your daughters.

Hump Day tomorrow chickies!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Must be softball season...

Bright, sunshiny day. Check.

Lopsided, left-side-of-my-body-only sunburn. Check.

Pinging sound of a softball hitting my side fence at 35 mph. Check.

Practicing after a day long, I just played 3 games tournament ... Check.

The strike zone ...

and a hindcatcher....

Because our usual hindcatcher was busy doing this...

Ump for a Day...

Summer's comin!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

To all teh great tinkers...


My ebay compadre/slash/blogger buddy Beki has nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award (and I wonder how much traffic I just acquired by writing slash in here. TWICE. **snort**)

See teh pretty...

Ahem. So now I'm duty bound to direct ya'll to my favorite blogs that make me think! (Um, well, you know. Inasmuchas I actually "think". Per se. If it's rainy or I have PMS. )

ANYWAY...My top 5 great thinkers (or hell, even tinker-er's works) are:

1. Heather (who never needs to spam her blog writings with slash to garner traffic.)
2. Stacy (who is so dang cute I should just really smack her, but she's smart and funny to boot so I don't)
3. Susan (who's blog I visit weekly for updates on Cary the Lamb... Be prepared for an "awwww" moment!)
4. Lyn (who's crafty in that annoying way that makes me all pea-green envious. oh, and her humorous rants from across the pond make me homesick for previous soulmate once it's a two-fer)
5. Crystal (quite possibly the funniest blogger on the planet. You've been warned. )

Gosh & golly girls, I could name more, but these 5 exhaust me. Well, except for Crystal who just cracks the bejeezus outta me. She's just sayin' what we're all really thinking!

Until next time...


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


While I've been in absentia the past several days...I've done absolutely nothing newsworthy to report.

So. Wishes...3 things I wouldn't turn away right about nowish:

guitar lessons...

rich dark chocolate...

5 o'clock shadow (as long as it includes that jawline)...

(aw heck, let me just wrap this up into one big wish and save the wish fairy a heap of time: the 5 o'clock-shadowed jawline can teach me guitar with one hand and feed me Godiva with the other. finito.)

And yes, ma, I know. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Giddyup.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Morning!

Whew the dress got finished :D

But the jacket did not. Sigh. I only need to set in the sleeves...but we spent 30 minutes this morning looking for the brand new pair of tights I bought last week! I had put them in my FABRIC CABINET. That's what I get for "cleaning house". hehe. So she wore a cute little bolero sweater and it worked out fine!

The pattern is Butterick 4385. Fairly straightforward princess construction.

I'll review over at PR, but here are the highlights: It ran a bit big through the "bust". Lu measures a perfect size 12, but she has no "bust" to speak of. Soo... I had to decrease the curve in that area twice for it to fit her nicely. It was also big around the chest and after attaching the lining, I had to alter the side seams (enclosing that band at the top). That wasn't especially easy, but I think it actually worked out better in the long run, because it will hold the band in place.

Last thing I wasn't thrilled about with the pattern was the strap attachment. The back straps are sandwiched between the band and lining, then stitched. The front straps are just tucked in place and "slip stitched" to the lining in front. Um, that's not incredibly sturdy, especially not for the front! And, it causes the band to pull away from the dress. See below.

Now, I'll probably go back and fix this with a closer, tighter slipstitch later. But of course being as I was on a deadline (and she's wearing a sweater over it) I left it. There's got to be a way to sandwich both front and back straps between band and lining. Right?

And here's a great shot of both of them in their Easter finery (note the G-man's awful shoes, which I did NOT notice until picture time right before he got into my dad's truck to go to church.)

Oh, and they love each other. Really.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Just Say No

It's that time of year again! Evil Reese's people anyway.

Have to finish an Easter dress! Nothing says the holidays like procrastination!!

Easter Funny :o)

Back with pictures of Lu's dress later!