Friday, March 27, 2009

bwof 4-09-136

See, I told ya I liked this issue! I really LOVE this dress. It was quick, easy, and I can see it easily being dressed up or down. For cold weather, I can wear it with tights & boots, and a turtleneck. For warmer weather, flats, sandals, bare legs.

I used a poly knit purchased at Hancock's last summer. The pattern calls for 5+ yards...yikes. I never stash more than 3 yards, and I had 2 of this knit. I squeezed out enough to do the dress by adding a center back seam, but had to forego the lining.

This dress is supposed to have a self-fabric lining, and since I didn't have enough, first I tried to line it with a white mesh knit I have (specifically stashed to line knits with). Unfortunately, even though the two fabrics had close to the same stretch...they were different weights.

The poly knit was heavier and pulled the CF and CB to the outside, even after understitching. This caused the lining to peek out at the CF (and CB) about 1/2", instead of the smooth gathered appearance in the magazine & line drawing. Here's what its supposed to look like:

Next, I tried topstitching...nope. Still pulled the CF down the same amount, showing the lining.

Eventually I just cut away the lining entirely and did a binding around the neckline. I'll try the lined version again at some point, when I can use self fabric. I think the exact same fabric for lining is really key for this one to work. Here's a close up of the neckline, stitched in the ditch. It's not as noticeable as in this picture!

The sleeves are gathered & have a self fabric binding too. This poly knit was pretty squirrely, and my topstitching was crap! Luckily when wearing this dress, the binding actually turns can't even see it!! (The trouble topstitching the sleeves was one reason I chose to stitch in the ditch on the neckline).

A couple of notes about this one...I cut a 48, but should have cut 46, possibly a 44. It's pretty roomy. In a beefier knit I would be very unhappy with it because it would be very unflattering. The neckline appears really low when you're making it, but somehow it turns out just fine. Like Magic! :D

Also, I subtracted about 5 or 6 inches from the length. I'm 5'5" and this is supposed to be "mid calf". It was at least that if not longer on me. That's a dowdy length for me! I used stitch witchery on the hem, since I was having trouble getting my stitches to look nice. I'll probably go back and twin needle it at some point, but I'm in no hurry!

I'll be making this one again! I have a brown jersey prewashed and ready to cut out, but again, not enough for lining. Instead, I'm thinking of lining the bodice but adding a shelf bra with elastic.

Meanwhile, I'm going to move on to another project...maybe another from April BWOF!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's no longer Burda World of Fashion least not since February!! Just plain old Burda Magazine now. I got my April issue last Friday. It's different than previous issues in size & in look, but I don't really mind that much. It's causing a bit of a stir on the PR boards though. Some PR'rs really, really hate the new look & layout.

Myself, I've never cared for the "wedding" issue they put out once a year. I'm not sure why they even make a point to DO it once a year. That's alot of wedding dresses. However, I don't hate this issue. I rather like it! It's not "in your face" amazing like some issues are. (It's also full of simple 2-dot patterns. That's not necessarily a bad thing with my limited sewing time!)I really like skirt 101, because it's a fun basic, with good design lines:and it has the possibility to look completely different like style Aand B. Same skirt! Just a completely different look. I like patterns like this.I also like dress/top 110. Sure, we've seen it before, but I liked it then too. It's a good style for me with the deep V and shirred shoulders. Will definitely be making this one. Let's face it, Burda just WINS with their amazing knit tee variations.

I'm fond of the plus section in the magazine too. It's an easy-peasy summery knit paradise. I'm super fond of boleros, really anything that ties like that under my bust because it draws attention to my waist.

I love the idea of a shirred top. How fun under the bolero! Also very cute in a terry or something for a coverup at the beach/pool. I'm thinking it might be cute in a voile woven too. There's no pattern piece, just measurements. Can't get simpler than that!

The knit dress is pretty cute too. I like the gathered front, and the sleeves are different. I think its going to be an unflattering length on me (mid calf) so I'll probably whack it off just above the knee instead. It's lined too...not sure how I feel about a lined knit dress. I may try to do something different?

While I probably don't need another, I traced the raglan sleeve tee too. I like the deep scoop, and you know you can never have too many TNT tees lying around. Right?
Finally, I like this plaid jacket,#116. Alot. It's short, boxy but with a bit of shape, cute little flap pockets. Unlined. Pretty much made of win!I've traced the plus garments, and now I'm off to trace the raglan tee & shirred tee. This has been my new game plan for a few a movie & trace off the new issue's promising looks. That way when I find the time or inclination to sew, I have that step out of the way. I also have 5 knits in the wash, so be on the lookout for at least one of these to show up on the blog in its finished state very soon!

So I call sleeper issue! Looks tame and ordinary at first sight...then percolates in the stash to create awesome garments later. Anyone like other things in the April issue I missed?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

me me me me me

I've been wanting to do a pictures from my past post for a long time, and since I'm on spring break what better time to scan in old pictures?!! (Oh, ok, I could be spring cleaning. But pshaw! Who wants to do that?)

So on with the show!

My favorite picture of me & my mom.

My first beer.

My favorite picture of me & my brother, the original G-man.

Me & my big sis.

Me being spectacularly cute on a chair.

Me on a horse with my cuz's Michelle (she's in the middle) & Bobby. *waves at Michelle who lurks*

Me, 16, at Halloween with my oldest friend Cindy. (I'm Minnie. She's...I'm not sure what she is, but she's on the other end! :P )

Me as a beauty queen.

Me first boyfriend. (No me in this one. Just him being spectacularly cute on the football field. )

Me getting ready for prom. Check out that waist. And that hair!!

Me on my wedding day with my best friend NiNi!

Me & NiNi as all grown up suburban mom types.

Now, how bout some flashback pics from my peeps? You game??

Friday, March 20, 2009

swan song

The silver Swan, who living had no Note,
when Death approached, unlocked her silent throat.
Leaning her breast against the reedy shore,
thus sang her first and last, and sang no more...

--Orlando Gibbons

Only 90 minutes to go until the beginning of the last episode ever. Sigh. I'll be watching the 3 hour & 11 minute finale with phone unplugged and kiddos tucked away with a dvd. (Last week's 1 -hour episode repeats at 7:00 pm CST. The entire finale is supposed to be viewed in entirety for the full effect. I'm totally prepared to do that!)

A big shoutout, for the last time, to all my BSG buddies near and far!

ps...Still fervently hoping for pilot happiness in the end. Please?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm outing Dawn today. She's an enabler!
She's started a thread on PR for a Jeans SewAlong! I haven't been sewing so much for myself lately, because, well...I don't know why. I keep starting projects and not finishing them. I can't motivate.

Anyway, Dawn got motivated by the new Jalie jeans pattern. And so did I.

Of course my bum won't look nearly as cute as these line drawings, but that didn't stop me from preordering! Nope, not one little bit.

The fun part about a sewalong is that you have people to prod and encourage. And to make your shopping list for you! Because I would have totally forgotten about rivets and special denim/jean buttons otherwise (until it was too late.)

I ordered several copper rivets & copper oak leaf buttons HERE.

I have plenty of denim in stash (bout 6 yards of stretch denim in a darkwash, another 3 or 4 yards in a dark tinted denim--almost red--, and maybe 2 yards of non-stretch.) All I need now is thread for topstitching. I plan on shopping for that (and an edgestitching foot for my Bernina) on Friday. (Which is SPRING BREAK!! Woot!! That should uplift my spirits.)

In other news, I recently had a couple of anniversarys. One happyish and one contemplative. My blog was 3 years old two weeks ago!
I really can't believe its been 3 years. I just want to say Thank You to all my visitors, lurkers, & friends near and far for inspiring me to continue. Some day I fully anticipate running out of things to blather on about!

A stranger, odder anniversary I have been dreading...I was divorced 11 years last week. That one's really hard to wrap my head around. My babies really were just babies back then. Heck, I was just a baby back then!!

I don't quite know why 11 was harder than just was. It hasn't helped lately that people have been (seemingly) doing their darndest to hurt my feelings.

And wouldn't you know it, today when I pulled out onto the highway to come home, guess who's truck I immediately got behind? Yup. The ex-Mr. Quality Time (um, literally. Hee.)

For two seconds I was nostalgic. And then I, you know, REMEMBERED!!!

In a shoutout to Shannon, and in honor of my not-so-new status, I think I need this nail polish set from Orly.

My favorites are...It's Not Me, It's You and See Yah!

On that note...see ya!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hey peeps, one of our sewing buddies is experiencing big time super exciting stuff this month! Katie Alender's very first novel Bad Girls Don't Die will hit a bookstore near you on April 21. I'm SO excited to read it!

It even has its very own trailer. Very cool. Click here for trailer!

And it's on the Disney-Hyperion homepage right now too. Hyperion books for teens.

You can preorder your copy here.

Katie, a big {{{blogger buddy hug for you!!}}}

Thursday, March 12, 2009

two to go

Two episodes left of (arguably) the best show on television...ever. I'm fairly a basketcase of nerves worried about bits like...

Will the old girl survive til the end?

Will Sam?

I've been expecting Laura to die for so long, her death will be a bit anticlimactic if it happens...but how will Adama survive without her?

And what about Helo & Athena? They've been almost too happy (up until, you know, that thing with Boomer last week.)

Speaking of Boomer, Poor Chief!! What's to become of him now?

And the really important stuff...Like will Lee ever don a flightsuit again?

Or a towel?

And my girl, Kara. She might as well be the Scarecrow, because I will miss her most of all.

Here, even if everything else goes up in flames, here I need a happy ending.

pretty please?