Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Anyone else up in the wee hours this morning, standing barefoot in the wet grass trying to get a clearish focus on the pretty lunar event of the month?

Total Lunar Eclipse
August 28, 6:15 a.m. CST

No? Just me?

Sunday, August 26, 2007


The eyeball, that is. Still "dry" and I have to put drops in at night cause it wakes me up all sore and scratchy. But much better! I can sew today! Yay!

One of my favorite bloggers across the pond, LazyLOL (who I for some reason think is an Angie too. Why don't I know this?) has tagged me with this:

Now I have to tell you some (technically 8, but I'm going to pretend I forgot that part in case I don't come up with that many. Shh.) things about myself.

1. I met my ex-husband in a thunderstorm pumping gas. He brought me an umbrella. If I didn't have this sweet memory, I would have forgotten a LONG time ago that I once loved him. Really.

2. I have horses that I name random Biblical names that roll off your tongue. Like Jericho...and Jebediah. They don't seem to mind.

3. I live in the same house I grew up in....and I can't seem to move the dishes, pots, pans or silverware from the spots my mother kept them. It would be sacrilege.

4. I'm allergic to spray paint. Which is a sore point with me because nothing makes me happier than a cloud of hot pink Krylon.

5. I broke my toes on a stairmaster once. I was trying to climb on...had one foot on the bar under the step then stepped ON that step with my other foot. Uh, it was a lot easier than it sounds. Broke me of that awful stairmaster habit too.

6. My last spinal vertebra is fused to my tailbone (whatever that bone is called. I should know this.) So is my mothers & my sisters. It's a genetic defect we share. Which tilts my hips to one side...my left is higher than my right. This is only a problem on long sitting spells or car rides.

7. Which ties in to #6: I keep a book in the car to put under the right side of my bum to even up my hips. This lets the pressure off the weirdo fusible spine thingie.

8. (Wow, I'm more interesting than I thought.) I wrecked my first car at 14. Ran smack into a tree. I still have the scar on my thumb, where my hand flew into my mouth and sliced across my pointy vampire tooth. T'was all my brother Mike's fault. Him with his can full of pennies that went flying everywhere. Who wouldn't take their eyes off the road at that?!

And now I'm tagging Shannon of Frogs in a Bucket. She's way more interesting than me!

Friday, August 24, 2007


In a bizarre freak accident, I "papercut" my eyeball while taking out my contact this afternoon. Can barely hold my eye open. The stinging is brutal when the air hits my eye.

So much for my planned sewingpalooza weekend. Hmph.


Gotta make this quick so I can go rinse with saline AGAIN and go to bed. Since the stars & moon can't seem to align in the pattern that makes ME creative I'll pass on the goodies I've seen elsewhere (with my one good eyeball. Ow.)

Stacy made the cutest little Built By Wendy top this week. Love those patterns, but none look like they could possibly accomodate my bigger-than-Wendy's boobage.

Debbie is apparently still knee deep in doggie diapers. DEBBIE, I MISS YOU!!!

Shannon got older. hehe. Sorry Shan, couldn't resist.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Amy is channeling Medusa. Can't wait to see that!

Jane is FINALLY back from France! Beautiful pictures of the Alps, and more. Go look-see.

And Lyn is just flat hysterical. Always. Aliens kidnapped her without letting her pack her knitting. How dare they?! (um, you know, in a dream. I understand this since I often dream vivid, random kookiness. Like last night when I dreamed I walked into my classroom today and was greeted with a bee-u-ti-ful pastel pink and blue TRASH CAN. I was overjoyed. Huh?)

Ow. I'm going to bed. Nighty night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Designing Woman

That would be me. (And any number of my sewing world friends!) Except that I'm more than a little swamped with school stuff, and my last 2 summer custom orders, so non-Designing Woman is more accurate.

I did make it into Hancock's last weekend and picked up these:

Cute wrapped bodice in one view...I need another wrap dress like I need a hole in my head.

And this uber-popular tee pattern. I've seen some cute tees from this pattern lately! I also got Lu some really cute new patterns! Hoping I get a chance to "see" my sewing machine this weekend...Bernina, how I miss thee.

I'm a couple days late but...
Happy Birthday Shannon!!

Lastly, don't we all miss the real Designing Women?? I'm so glad they still rerun all the time on Dish!! Love the Sugarbakers et al!!

Sorry for the driveby bloggers! More later...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Procrastinity (n.)

def: Infinite procastination involving multiple sewing projects.

Partly to blame...New patterns to look at and stash from New Look & Simplicity. Such as:

The "I said I'd never wear a jumper again" but OMGaw look at this one channeling Audrey Hepburn...

The Duro that won't Die... (love love love the tie front version!)

Adorable, retro cape jackets...with quite an interesting yoke seam! Go Simplicity!

Not that everything is OMGawTDF. There's the "which is more fugly, my dress or my hair?" pattern:

and the requisite "Mom, exactly what are you growing in the herb pots in the window?" patterns:

All in all an entertaining way to procrastinate. This afternoon I'm going to procrastinate some more by going to see this:

Finally, because I am fascinated by the lolcats phenomenon, I leave you with the funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time. My favorite lolcats:

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vintagey Goodness

I love me some vintage patterns.

Like, really really love em. No, really.

AND I have a super sekrit flea market booth that I stalk regularly, where (in the vast and wonderfully colorful imaginary world inside my head) a tiny blue-haired lady spitefully doles out 2 or 3 packs of vintage patterns at a time for $1.50. Whenceforth I pounce!

Only to wait (im)patiently for Ms. McTighty Blue-Hair to dole once more.

Wha? You need proof?


And Dickies!

And Whoa-Mama Pajamas!

Where was I? Oh yea. I entered another contest at PR. The "Seamy, Steamy, Fresh & Vintage Contest".

Oh wait, I made that up.

It's actually the more staid and proper "Vintage Sewing Contest".

Hmmm...so maybe I better go with "Ladies Lunch Jacket & Skirt..."

although I might be all "Slip Me a Mickey (Who Wears a Dickie??)" underneath.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cupcakes are Stress Relieving

We all knew this though, right? Well, this one is also Calorie-Free!

I was in serious need of a quickie project Sunday evening to destress (you know, from the trauma of going back to school on Friday). I decided to make a lavendar scented sachet to keep in my desk so I can pull it out (when the little buggers are making me schizo) and snort its soothing vapors.

Ah hem. Anyway, I followed a superfast crochet pattern I found at IndieHomeEc. (While you're there, browse around her cute blog for lots of quick projects!)

My cupcake is stuffed with polyfil that I drizzled with lavender essential oil. It smells SO yummy.

I'm sure it will get lots of use once school actually "starts". In fact, I may have to make several to pass out to my neighbors down the hall!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Blonde One Sews...

Wonder what kind of FBA she has to do? (hehe)

Cutest Barbie story ever here...Thanks to Amy for the link! Look at the teeny-tiny patterns & instruction sheets! And she has location shots at Jo-Anns for fabric and notions.

And here I thought I was the only geek big enough to go to that much work for a blog post!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Back to School...

I can't believe that summer is basically over! Yes, the temperatures are still climbing (95 today. Yikes.) But I go back to work today, all business teachers report back today. Sigh. Where did summer go?!

Just a recap...I didn't loaf away my summer. It was chock full of good stuff.




and Brangelina... (My goofy friends posing nonchalantly outside their door. Smooth.)

All in all not a bad summer.