Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New project: Shorts

Time for a new project!  Since it's summer (90s this week!  Ouch.) I thought a pair of cute, well fitting shorts were in order.  I have a couple Simplicity patterns I'd like to try:

Simplicity 2654

Simplicity 2896

And I also have the new Colette Iris pattern.  This yellow version on the Colette website is so cute with the button trim!

I'll be using some cute black & white 1/8 gingham in the stash:

I had thought I would get to a muslin today but instead I painted the living room trim.  All day.  I'm too tired to muslin shorts now, (and I still have 2 window sills to go!)

Tomorrow I'm going to repaint the living room this pretty "Stormy Cove" blue grey:

It probably seems backward to do the trim first, huh?  I hate painting trim.  I don't mind the walls so much, but TRIM.  Ugh.  So I got it out of the way first, that way I can't back out. ;)

SUMMER.  Loverly Summer.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

America's Last Living POW

On this long Memorial holiday weekend, remember Bowe Bergdahl.

Thank you to the men and women who serve.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sorbetto Magic

Today's my LAST DAY!  Tomorrow summer officially begins at my house (for me.  My kids have already been out over a week!)

I have new fabric prewashed and ready to be cut out too.  Remember?  I love my two Sorbetto's and wear them all the time, so I want to start there, but I don't want two more of the exact same top.  So I've been collecting images for inspiration.

Sarai made a lovely plain front Sorbetto.  The fabric makes this one.

Sarai's Chevron Sorbetto
This ruffle front version is a tee, but would be super easy to adapt to any fabric, any top/dress:

Ruffle Tee
Love this scalloped collar:

Scalloped Collar
A touch of lace and tiny buttons:
Lace Trim
 Lacy version...easy to adapt to the Sorbetto shape:

Lacy top
Keyhole and bow...

keyhole & bow
Easy ruffle embellishment:

Ruffle tutorial
Bunting embellishment:

Raw-edge flowers:

flower embellishment

Anthro-inspired ruffles and faux placket:

More self-fabric roses...


Kate Spade
And finally... sleeves. I love the sleeves on the Kate Spade top. I'm going to toy with creating a Sorbetto sleeve pattern. Thus far I haven't seen a really successful sleeved-Sorbetto.

Kristine and I have been mulling this over and have come to the conclusion that this armscye must look better with a tailored sleeve cap (also like the Kate Spade top above).  I'm going to start with either the Violet or the Jasmine sleeve and see what happens.  If those don't work I might try to morph on the cut-on cap sleeve from the Crepe, or from the Colette Sewing Handbook dress, the Pastille.

I think Kristine should start with this one.  It has good arm coverage:

Prairie Dress
tee hee.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Today was the last official day of school!  I still have 4 days to do on my contract.  The last week of school is so exhausting...I suspect it's all the anticipation of all the FUN to be had. 

I do love summer. 

Have done nothing else interesting the past few days but Lu &I watched this:

We weren't as amused by the actual movie as the previews.  I really wished I had just gone to the Avengers again instead.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely this little visitor:

Now I've gone and killed you dead with the cuteness, am I right???  (My nephew, who last made his appearance on the blog in December as a happy elf).

Soo...four more days. Then I'll be disgustingly rubbing it in your face that I'm on SUMMER VACATION!!!

And possibly sewing stuff. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer SWAP: Sewing with a Plan Pt 1

Is it still a SWAP  if it doesn't all match?  Anywho.  I've decided to empty my closet and start from scratch.  There's a ton of stuff in there I never wear.  Then I gotta fill it back up!  I'm gathering images from my inspiration folder  (and my Pinterest Stylish board) to add to a SWAP composite.

The first thing I'm adding is this top. I found this image of Gabrielle Anwar back in the winter months and I've been dying for warmer weather so I could knock it off ever since!

Credit: Albert Ortega

More easy vintagey tops...






I'm loving this one.  I didn't save it with a source.  I have the Simplicity pattern that is so similar (and sadly OOP):

Image source unknown.

I'm also going to conquer cute shorts. 

Lena Hoschek

Tara Starlet

Tara Starlet

Alice Nightingale

Carole Lombard
I have the Colette pattern that should be a good staple if I can get a good fit, and I have a vintage pj shorts pattern that was pratically made for me.

Some lightweight summery skirts, especially loving the current lacy vintagey trend. Of course.

Casey - Elegant Musings

Lena Hoschek

Hollywood Movie Costumes Blog - Footloose 2012


Lena Hoschek

Oh. Excuse me, we got a little off track.  Where were we?

Oh yeah.  Summer dresses. 

modcloth? Sorry...can't remember! Blame our detour.

Lena Hoschek



Summer SWAP.  It's a good thing.  I plan on doing a more complete SWAP inspiration board this week, including fabrics and patterns.   Keepin' you posted!