Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Monday

Ahhh...I'm tired. I spent 3 days this past weekend on a school trip, then have late school nights today and tomorrow. The good news is I'm off Friday! Yay!

When I got home, I had these two books waiting for me:

I really like Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy. And I didn't expect to like it much at all. The cover just didn't do much for me. But it has SO many cute little projects in it! And I'm not much of a home dec sewist. The other book, Sew Many Bags Sew Little Time by Sally Southern, I really expected to enjoy. And I did...just not quite as much as I had originally hoped. It had cute projects, but nothing I haven't seen done before (and better.) And I do like to make handbags! So I was just a teensy disappointed in it. But I'll keep both books. You can never have too many sewing and craft books, you know!

New Vogues are out! I really like this Marci Tilton pattern. Not crazy about the skirt, but the little capri's are dang cute! I'm especially fond of the white topstitching on the navy.

I am also really liking this Issey Miyake jacket and pants. I really, really like the jacket, but something about the flow-y, not quite capri, not quite pants-pants are appealing too.

And I have always been a big fan of Adri. One of my favorite patterns EVER is an Adri pattern from Vogue, long OOP. This one reminds me of it so I will probably pick it up. I love the jacket on this one!

That's it for "sewing" from me this week. At least until Friday! And you know what else happens on Friday??

Yup, Battlestar Galactica FINALLY returns. Best show on tv. Ever. Need to catch up? Try this 8-minute recap. Hey, Brad Paisley loves BSG. So there.

Me & Shannon are going to have to have a cyber watch party! You with me Shannon??

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter & a New Project

I had a couple of requests for the Easter outfit actually on Lu, and she was such a cutie in it, I'm obliging!

And because the G-man was looking mighty sharp too (not to mention Oscar the Pom, who always looks cute) here's a group shot!

Time to move on to a new project! I also started back to school today, so my nerves are somewhat frayed, LOL. A cutting session tonight in front of the tube will be a nice cool down. I'm planning on these pants (my fave drawstring easy pant), Simplicity 5074. I haven't decided about whether I want to do the drawstring or not, but I have decided on the fabric, this black rayon print with hot pink & lime swirly dots!

To match, I'm making this top, Simplicity 3790, View E, in a solid hot pink interlock:

Should be an easy and fairly quick project!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Easter skirt is finished! Just take a lookie!

I used one of the Durham Quilts rose prints for the skirt, with the coordinating stripe (as shown in my little Easter plan last week.) I don't know if you can tell in the pictures, but the pink Nelona is an exact match for the light peachy-pink roses, and the darker coral pink in the bullions also match the darker pink in the print.

The top is so pretty and rather elaborate, I didn't want an over-the-top skirt. The skirt pattern is the simple flippy skirt from Simplicity 4104. (I used straight ruffles instead of the circular ruffle in the pattern since my fabric was a stripe.) The ruffle is edged in lace rather than hemmed.

Of course the focal point of this really adorable skirt is the flip-flop lace shaped bow on the front! I really love heirloom techniques and I've been wanting to include them on more types of fabrics (not just fancy dresses.)

I removed the fabric from behind the lace bow and replaced it with pintucked fabric. I pintucked 2 squares of fabric using the smallest twin needle I had and a 1.0 stitch length. I just used the edge of my presser foot as my stitching guide (I don't have a pintuck foot for the Bernina!) I also used a wing needle and pinstitched around the entire lace bow. The only time holes in my fabric make me happy!

And here is the completed Easter outfit! (Sorry for the shadows! It's so windy, I had a hard time finding a place to photograph!)

Happy Easter everyone!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fairy Stuff

You just have to love Nelona. It's gossamer sheer and has a pretty sheen; reminds me of fairy wings. This little top has turned into one of my favorite projects in a long time. I'm almost glad I got sick & had to change my plan!

Here's the finished top, in all its pink & lacy glory.

I added a French lace fancy band at the hem, made up of 3 different lace insertions and a lace edging. I tried to take it outside for pictures so you could see just how yummy the colors really are, but it was so windy! I love how pretty it looks backlit on my porch though!

A close up of the finished embroidery:

The back closes with mother of pearl buttons, and the straps are buttoned onto the back as well.

Now it's on to the skirt!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Update

Thank you for the well wishes! It seems to be working, so keep thinking those feel-good thoughts! I've been upright ALL DAY! This has been a very weird week for me, since I've basically been in bed (or on the couch) unable to really do more than wipe down a counter before I have to take a little rest. I guess it's a blessing I'm off for spring break (although this irritates me at the same time. I'm sure you can relate.)

With almost no sewing machine time available to me thus far, I ended up altering my Easter plan for Lu just a bit. I may not be able to sit at my sewing machine for an extended period of time this week, but I got to thinking...I could be doing some handwork! So I pulled out this book. Lu & I are both in love with the sweet cover top (and several other things inside.)

So I tore a strip of beautiful pale pink Nelona Swiss batiste. Yum. Then I rested. (haha. Except that I did.) I attached a scrap of pale pink entredeaux and tiny French lace from stash, and pleated (and then took a little rest.)

THEN I pulled out some pretty floche and just cuddled up in my recliner and smocked while I rested! What a concept! Here's a peek at the pretty entredeux and lace that will be the yoke edge of the front:

And here is the completed smocked front (except that I forgot an entire row of cables along the bottom. Can't decide if I want to fool with going back and doing them now that I'm way into the embroidering.) It is really turning out SO pretty...

Close up of the pretty bullion roses (not quite finished, but I should be by bedtime.) I also learned a new embroidery stitch, the Brazilian Cast-On stitch. The book has minute instructions, but I needed more help (blame the fever. Or maybe the meds.) I understood this site's picture tute the best.

That's as far as I've gotten! Well, the little skirt is cut out and on my sewing table, and should go together quickly. Hopefully I'll have a completed top picture for you tomorrow!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wiggles, et. al.

I love me a good Wiggle Dress/suit. Don't you? Look at this beauty over at LanetzLiving!
I love the wide boat neck and the gathers at the back shoulder/neck. Very chic.

Unfortunately I've spent the first 3 days of spring break in bed (or on the couch) with a nice case of bronchitis. Fun! When I can sit up for any length of time I've browsed blogs & stuff, which means I've got squat done on Lu's Easter outfit. Drats.

Speaking of Easter, aren't these just the sweetest vintage patterns for girls?

I don't often see patterns in Lu's size range (10-12-14) but the first one here is a 14 1/2 (a "Chub-Deb". Ouch.) These all feature older looking cover girls, so they must have been available in her size originally.

And look at these sweet "suits" for the older girl. Note the second one is also for "chubbies".

Cute sleeve lines here...

Really sweet tops:

I haven't made a vintage pattern for her since she was 2 (I made LOTS of them when she was a baby and toddler!) But seeing all of these great vintage patterns for girls has sparked my interest! Besides, she's so much easier to fit than ME. :o) All of these patterns are available at LanetzLiving!

And now, the couch is calling. So this Chubbie is taking her leave.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring, please!

Breaking from my normal flailing around from project to project (& in general avoiding my Wardrobe Plan) for the time honored Easter Sewing. I'll admit I've missed a year or two along the way, but by and large, most of Lu's Easter finery has been handmade by me since she was 18 months old. Bless her for letting me continue the tradition one more year.

We flipflopped with indecision for a few days, both of us preferring something dressy and smocked (one last time!) but the reality is that I don't have enough time for that kind of labor intensive project. So I chose this sweet spring suit for "big girls" from OOP Simplicity 4104:

I will be making View D, the long sleeve jacket and View B, the flippy skirt. I was thrilled to find my local quilt shop (now under new owners) is carrying some WONDERFUL new fabrics, including Lecien Durham quilt fabrics! For those of you unfamiliar with Durham prints, they are beautiful, shabby rose prints (Lecien is a Japanese company I think.) They are a little pricier than your average quilt fabric, but's a holiday!

Here are the 3 prints I chose:

I'm using the aqua rose as the body of the jacket, which I will be underlining with white batiste. The tiny rose print will be the collar and the main portion of the skirt. The rose stripe will be the skirt ruffle. I also want to crop the sleeves of the jacket so that they are 3/4 length, and add a striped ruffle here too. Here's a preview:

I have oodles of lace trims (some vintage) and antique mother of pearl buttons too, so I will probably further embellish where I can with little touches of lace and possibly some embroidery. Since the jacket is raglan sleeve, and the skirt is just rectangles, construction should be a breeze and I can spend a little more time on "special".

Stay tuned! :)