Friday, August 07, 2009

don't you forget about me...

John Hughes has passed away. Where would I be without...

Sixteen Candles (my favorite!!!)

The Breakfast Club
(which Tina & I have seen a thousand times minimum)

Pretty in Pink (ditto)

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
(which I quote in class ALL the time, and get more shocked
every year when the number who "don't get it" increases.)

And let's not forget these Christmas classics which are must-see's (multiple times) at my house during the season:


A Thanksgiving night ritual while we put up the tree.
My kids laugh hysterically EVERY time.

I do enjoy the original very much, but there's something
about this sweet remake that I love.

What a fabulous writer, director, producer...he was tuned in to MY life in the 80s, and the lives of every other kid I knew. A sad day indeed for the film community.

I'm back at school this week, so no sewing. But I did finish two skirts over the weekend I need to take photos of!! I tried this morning, but my camera batteries are dead. Grr. Maybe this weekend!


  1. I LOVE Ferris Bueller's Day Off!!!!!!!!

    **Bueller, Bueller** lol

  2. Two days ago I quoted FBDO (Bueller? Bueller?) to a co-worker MY AGE and she didn't get it, so don't feel bad. OTOH, my own sons act like *they* discovered The Breakfast Club. So, which one were YOU?? At the time I hated Molly R and was probably closer to Ally Sheedy (scary, huh??) and was in love with Judd - only in that movie though cuz I was REALLY in love with Rob Lowe from all the *other* brat pack movies.

  3. Have a great school year. We will miss him. Great movies!

  4. I didn't realize he did the holiday movies, too. What a legend! I was a sewing fanatic when "Pretty in Pink" came out, so you know that one left an impression! I miss your frequent posts, but good luck on another great school year!

  5. As soon as i clicked on your blog in my faves section, i KNEW you were going to have a John Hughes tribute, and you did not disappoint! I love love love 16 Candles (huge Molly fan, and seriously, is there anyone funnier or more clever than Farmer Ted??!), and every time i watch it..i think it gets a little better! My ALL time favorite Hughes movie though, has GOT to be Vacation. I can quote the entire movie, and at the irritation to everyone in the room...i do! It is just a family favorite, and the fact that i know that it cracks up my mom, dad and sister (and my childhood neighbors that watched it with me five million times as a kid) makes me laugh even harder.

  6. I loved those movies too, being a tru 80's gal. I was laughing the other day when my daughter was watching 'The secret life of an american teenager' and Molly is now playing the mum to teenagers. She didn't think it was as funny as I did.

  7. "Whass Happenin, Hot stuff" became the family greeting in my family!

  8. This is so sad for me! What classics.

  9. (sigh) I loved John Hughes movies. I watch most of them anytime they come on.

    Have a great school year!

  10. I've been watching John Hughes movies all weekend in mourning. Sixteen Candles was always my favorite followed by Pretty in Pink - I dunno, having a heroine who sewed her own clothes was just too fabulous to resist!

  11. Funny how much these movies made it into my consciousness... I call the husb my "pretty American boyfriend" constantly.

    I must say, watching Pretty in Pink is a little agonizing... what she does to that gorgeous dress!

  12. I remember Pretty in Pink being th first movie where I LOVED the character because of what she did with the clothes. So creative!


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