Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Break!

I heart spring break. (Girls Gone Wild behavior notwithstanding.)

So far I altered this pattern for a FBA and cut it out of dk brown crinkle gauze (to go with capri's below, in the shirred shoulder view)...

and made these capri's

I haven't threaded the elastic/drawstring combo in the waist yet. You might notice they're about 2 inches too long for capri's!! I added to the length of this pattern because I have a pair with the leg drawstrings (that I love) but they're about 2 inches shorter than I'd like... and my calves just aren't what they used to be. :P I don't have a clue where I went wrong...but it must have been some sort of error on my part on the original drawstring pair because these definitely DON'T need added length!!! Argh. Now I have to cut them off and try to hem them even. And, as I mentioned to my sewing buddy Shannon, the print will make my a$$ look a mile wide, but I'm not really caring at this point :D They have a comfy pajama pant feel to them, and I'm loving them.

Note the hideous fabric mess in my corner cabinet, LOL. Lu has been searching for JUST THE RIGHT FABRIC for her next outfit. She does pretty good, but I always have veto power (as a good Queen always should). I keep my quilting cottons in this cabinet that once sat in the corner of my grandparents' home and was filled with linens and their medicine. It fell to me after they died, as did a few other pretty pieces, and I store my fabric in it because it has all those "windows". It makes me happy to see it all neatly (usually, that is) lined up by color.

You're right at the end of my sewing area here too. I'll be painting the paneled walls (old house) this summer, a pale grey/aqua color, with white trim. I can't wait! I'm hoping to save up enough to replace my sewing cabinet/furniture too...just plain white pressboard stuff is fine with me. I actually think office furniture might work just as well as sewing furniture. I just want a nice clear sewing space. I hate my sewing cabinet, although I can't really complain about it since my parents bought it for me for Christmas. It obviously wasn't designed by someone who actually sews, because there's this shelf that hits me right at shin-level under the cabinet (for storing your machine when it's closed up). Only problem is , it actually HITS MY SHIN every time I sit down to sew.

Consequently, my 'nina is currently sitting on the kitchen table, preventing the type of homey, conversation garnering family dinners that Stouffer's is so anxious for all of us to have. You know, so we can video tape it and win a trip to Disney.

I'm lucky in that I have half of a huge room I can dedicate to my sewing "crap" (as the kids so lovingly call it). So I want it to be pretty. I'm looking for artwork and stuff now. Er, I WAS. Until yesterday when I went to check the price of this fabulous stretched canvas print at Hobby Lobby and broke a plate. (Which they didn't make me pay for.) And then walked right into a shelf and knocked off 2 candleholders. At which point, they were looking worriedly at my kids like I was probably a drunk, and who has their cellphone so we can call DHS RIGHT AWAY. The kids & I hightailed it outta there pronto.

Did I mention I love Spring Break?


p.s. Hotpatterns has a line of new easy to sew patterns. With diagrams and detailed instructions. FOR A TUBE TOP. I swear. I can't make this stuff up.


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Very cute pants - I love that print!

  2. Looks much better on my butt now that the top is finished!!

    Thanks girlie :D

  3. Yours cal it crap mine call it sewing porn...I know don't you wonder where they come from sometimes! *LOL* Loved the pjs by the way!


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