Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Monday

Ahhh...I'm tired. I spent 3 days this past weekend on a school trip, then have late school nights today and tomorrow. The good news is I'm off Friday! Yay!

When I got home, I had these two books waiting for me:

I really like Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy. And I didn't expect to like it much at all. The cover just didn't do much for me. But it has SO many cute little projects in it! And I'm not much of a home dec sewist. The other book, Sew Many Bags Sew Little Time by Sally Southern, I really expected to enjoy. And I did...just not quite as much as I had originally hoped. It had cute projects, but nothing I haven't seen done before (and better.) And I do like to make handbags! So I was just a teensy disappointed in it. But I'll keep both books. You can never have too many sewing and craft books, you know!

New Vogues are out! I really like this Marci Tilton pattern. Not crazy about the skirt, but the little capri's are dang cute! I'm especially fond of the white topstitching on the navy.

I am also really liking this Issey Miyake jacket and pants. I really, really like the jacket, but something about the flow-y, not quite capri, not quite pants-pants are appealing too.

And I have always been a big fan of Adri. One of my favorite patterns EVER is an Adri pattern from Vogue, long OOP. This one reminds me of it so I will probably pick it up. I love the jacket on this one!

That's it for "sewing" from me this week. At least until Friday! And you know what else happens on Friday??

Yup, Battlestar Galactica FINALLY returns. Best show on tv. Ever. Need to catch up? Try this 8-minute recap. Hey, Brad Paisley loves BSG. So there.

Me & Shannon are going to have to have a cyber watch party! You with me Shannon??


  1. ohhh lovely books - I'll have to add those to my list.

  2. Wahoo! BSG is back!!!

  3. The Sewing In No Time book looks like one I'll have to buy.

  4. i like that miyake pattern.

    my sweetie got hooked on BSG while we were at my MIL's house (with cable tv!), so i've been told to netflix whatever seasons are available!

  5. I'm waiting on the next Hancock's sale on Vogues. They weren't in the drawers for the one last weekend.

    I remember watching BSG in, what, the early 80's? Are these reruns? (I can't see a Starbucks coffee w/o thinking of BSG...)

    BTW, just in case you don't come by soon and see it , you've been tagged w/the 'Excellent Blog' award. :D

  6. I realize this post is ancient in terms of the internet, but I just discovered the Sew Forth Now podcast and heard your interview with Lori. I am intrigued by the Vogue Adri pattern you mentioned. You mentioned it again in this post. I know it's OOP, but I'm dying to know what the number is. I can be reached at klcampo @ wiredog . net (no spaces). Thank you!


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