Monday, June 27, 2011

the fashionable Samantha Brown

I'm currently in the wilderness, but that doesn't mean I left you with no goodies to ogle! (heh. ogle is such a fun word.)

How much do you love the Travel Channel's Samantha Brown?  She's adorable, right?  What a great job too.  My dream job!

Something else I love about her...her clothes!  She has the most fabulous wardrobe.  I must not be the only one who has noticed...did you know the Travel Channel has a photo gallery with 8-10 photos of her fashions for many episodes??  Fun!

I love how casual but still classy this outfit is. Even the shoes are comfortable walking shoes, but still look fashionable.  Hard to believe it's just your "basic tee and shorts"!

 This is adorable too, longer shorts and a really cute print top:

 Another casual outfit, pretty, delicate floral top and jeans:

But she's not afraid to pack a pretty dress!  Love this color:

One episode I really enjoyed recently was the Route 66 episode, a "road trip" across New Mexico and Arizona.  She had the most amazing, casual, fun summer wardrobe!

 In particular, I was totally enamored of her playsuits.  This one is a metallic cotton or blend I think:

 And this one is in denim.  It might be my favorite!

When I've mentioned playsuits or "rompers" in the past, some of you have worried that you're too "old", and I've comisserated with you.  Since Samantha Brown is 2 years older than me though... now I think I'm good!

For at least 2 more years. Ha. 

I really need to try and whip one of these up before summer ends...

Bye for now...I'll see you guys when I return in a couple days!


  1. I'm still not convinced. On the other hand, your making the experimental playsuits costs me nothing in time or money, so what the heck? Go for it!


    I love things that costs me nothing in time or money.

  2. I adore her!! I think I have seen just about every episode of all of her shows! I would be curious to see your playsuit!

  3. And here I was thinking I was too old to rock a playsuit. I'm on board and even bought a pattern but had been knocking the idea back and forth.


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