Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dustin's Dream

One year ago today, a former student of mine lost his life in a senseless tragedy.  He was an amazing kid, so full of peace and happiness that you couldn't help but smile when you saw him.

Dustin was a pre-med student at Baylor, and his dream was to work in the medical field and to participate in mission work both at home and abroad.  His strong, beautiful family is continuing Dustin's legacy, with the formation of a foundation in his name, Dustin's Dream.

I was honored to participate in one of their first major projects this month, when they asked my graphic design class to design a poster for their fundraising efforts.

The student designer is Chai L., a senior, and he is simply amazing.  He has a wonderful eye for layout and I gave absolutely no direction on this project until the very end when I made two tiny, miniscule suggestions.  This is Chai's work, and it is gorgeous.

The reverse effect cross was a complete accident... Chai and I were both stunned when it began to emerge.

And then, we weren't.

Dustin's mom told me, after asking how he came up with the idea, that she no longer believes in "accidents".  

You have never heard more silence from a group of teenagers than the moment this 30 x 40 inch poster came off the large format printer in my room.  It's simple, quiet beauty stunned us all.

You can read more about the Guatemala City Medical Clinic project here, and if you find it in your heart to donate to their cause, I thank you.

God bless you, Dustin.  You are often in my thoughts.


  1. Hope they have much success. Well Done Chai!

  2. Yesterday made me think of Dustin (of course) and I was wondering if there had been a fund or anything set up in his name. This is a lovely project to honor him and the poster is a beautiful contribution. Thanks for the link, I'll head on over there now.

  3. Beautiful poster which I'm sure reflects the beautiful soul that was lost. I don't believe in accidents either... there are angels everywhere!


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