Thursday, January 03, 2013

Blouse Envy

In that frustrating way the internet has, I ran across a teeny tiny thumbnail photo of a freakishly adorable top.  Appeared to be red polkadots, neck tie or ruffly jabot, short sleeves with armband.  It appeared to be a screenshot from a tv show or movie.

Did you know you know you can copy the URL of a photo and paste it in the google search box, and it will search the internets for THAT image? 

You can.

Behold the magnificence of red (not polkadot) necktie/ruffly jabot short sleeve blouse:

Swoon.  It has a bit of a 40s vibe, don't you think?

And it's not polkadots, oh no.  It's LIPS.  

Now I must have a red LIP printed ruffly jabot short sleeve blouse. Pattern suggestions?  Seems like there's a Burda Style or HP out there similar.

(By the way, my uber detective googling discovered that the tv show was "Friends with Benefits", a very, VERY short lived series that ran a couple of years ago?  I have never heard of it, and I'm a tv-aholoic.) Alas, I'm not interested enough to finagle the (rather tasteless) screencaps for the other 9 or 10 episodes to look for more gems like this blouse.  Based on this episode, the title actually does indicate the premise of the series.

I had to wade through a ton of screencaps to bring you these pretties (oh, the depths I go for you, dear readers), and on my way I also found a series of scary photos of the above actress in a different scene:

Holy Botox, Batman. 

WHY would such a lovely woman, who is clearly still quite young (early 30s?) do this?

Oh Hollywood, yet again you disappointment with your shallowness. 

If you haven't made a New Year's Resolution yet, might I suggest embracing your wrinkles?  Hopefully you got them from things like SHOWING EMOTION and SMILING and LAUGHING and LIVING LIFE. So they're nothing to be ashamed of. 

Also, more cute feminine blouses.  Yup.


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    1. I'm suggesting a similar blouse pattern. In my last comment the image was miniscule, so I removed it. I'm going to link to my actual post with hopefully a better view. The blouse pattern I'm trying to send you is the last pattern pictured, which I bought on Etsy, the seller was prompt and the pattern in great shape.

    2. Ooh, thanks Carole!!

  2. Lip fabric? Love it! Can't wait to see you make it up! It must be "Knock off New Years", as I'm trying to reproduce something myself... Good luck!!!

    1. I'm thinking BICYCLES. Or maybe one of those little juvenile prints the Japanese are always making and I'm always salivating over. Like little deer. Or mushrooms.


  3. lip fabric for botox?

    i thought those lips were razorbacks!

    1. No but REALLY...her poor forehead! Although I've heard it helps migraines. For that I might be willing to sacrifice all expression.

      Me. With no expressions.

      So few people would see Razorbacks. Me, you, the state of Arkansas. :P

  4. Happy New Year, Angie. I hope you find your lips and anything else you desire in the coming year. Well, I don't know if I embrace my wrinkles, but they are coming and I'm not going to plasticfy my face.

  5. I love, love the lip fabric! As for botox, fillers and plastic surgery, I have made a conscience decision not to let knives or needles near my face. I sometimes spend too much money for a fabulous jar of cream, but that's as far as I will go.
    xo, Anita

  6. If you're looking for lips, I saw this on ebay"

  7. If you're looking for lips, I saw this cute 16mm silk on ebay:


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