Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ottobre 2/2013. And Pi. And Dean.

I got my Ottobre Woman in the mail last week! Did you? I only subscribe to the women's issues now, since Lu won't let me sew for anymore. 

I thought this was a great little issue, with several basic designs I can see myself using over and over (Kristine thought it was a terrible issue, with nothing she could use ever. So...your mileage will vary! Also, Kristine is a Crabby Patty. She also thinks I'm terrible half the time and has no use for me either.)

All kidding aside though, there are some great basics here! Especially if you've never tried Ottobre before.  #14 is a basic sheat dress pattern (on the right below):

And I love the 40s/80s throwback of the blouse #9 (colorblocked below):

 The jacket is pretty cute too, a linen "motorcycle" jacket!

Then we have a nice basic wrap top/dress, #19 (nothing innovative, but still a flattering silhouette on most body types):

And also a cardigan/jacket #12 and a pair of slim pants in ALL sizes (I love when the do all size pants. So often they don't!). Pants #5 & #6.

Knit colorblocked dress. I'm not sure I have the patience? But I actually like this. #17:

And although I hated the gather neck tee below at first  because of the odd shaping, it's growing on me. Tee #13, with shorts #5&6 (all sizes!)  The sleeveless top though, that's fabulous! #3:

I even like the dress/tunic version below left, #7:

That's about it for me, I guess.  But then, that's almost all of the garments too! So it's a keeper.  Maybe if you missed this issue, Kristine will sell you hers. Muwhahaha...

In Random Fits of Nonsense And Wasted Time News...

Happy Pi Day!

from me & my favorite tv boyfriend, Dean Winchester.
He has rhythm. 
I make baked goods. 

Basically, it's a match made in tv heaven.


  1. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and I love most everything in it also....

  2. Mine came earlier this week - I love a lot of the patterns. Now, if I actually sew them?

  3. Looks like a great issue, I see lots of cute clothes there! The other Kristine is wrong (this time), but it's tough to be perfect all the time. Comes with the name, ya know?

  4. I swear, I just keep paying for a year at a time through Wooly Threads or some such place and then I get one issue and never another. UGH! This appears to be a great issue. Where did you get yours? g

  5. I'd not heard of this magazine before but I went online and subscribed to a couple of issues and it only took about 5 days to come. I absolutely love it. Thanks for the heads up.


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