Saturday, May 18, 2013

Colette Sorbetto Inspiration

My ultimate summer top has come out of winter hiding again!

Colette Sorbetto - Free Pattern
I've been wearing last year's versions (vers 1, vers 2) and of course dreaming up new variations. (Last year's are now too big, so there's that motivating factor too). Here's another cute gathered version (and the linked post has several other adaptations):

via craftser

These are toddler dresses from the etsy shop pinkdixie, but I think they're adorable and would be easily adaptable for a Sorbetto (or any tank pattern).  FINALLY. A use for all those cute cottons I have in my stash!!

quilty cottony faves

doilies? yes/no?

old sheet or tablecloth or giant peasant dress cut down! YES!
And Mary's buttoned version is one of my all-time faves. Plus Mary is adorable.

source - Mary I <3 a="" u="">

Oona's feathery embellisment (and DRESS variation!) makes me swoon.

 There are a ton of cute variations out there.  The best of the lot seem to benefit from fiddling with the (somewhat dodgy) armhole/armscye shape.  Be forewarned and make a muslin for this one! It's not much fabric and takes VERY little time (2 pattern pieces!)

GUYS. I might actually sew something this weekend.

(although I have a huge research paper to write for my class. Yikes. I haven't written one of those in YEARS. Nevermind how many.)

Happy weekend peeps!


  1. Okay I know that this post was about Sorbetto but let me tell you those little girl dresses are too fab!

  2. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Those little girls dresses are so cute, and make a surprisingly good inspiration for a tank.


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