Saturday, September 21, 2013

bon vivant

I'm pretty sure luggage shouldn't make me cry and want to have its babies.

olily luggage at anthropologie
And then there's this fiasco:

jocelyn dress

And this:
merida pencil skirt

And these:

lace melange top

honore buttondown

roselle pullover

beaded pointelle cardigan

I mean really, anthropologie. What gives you the right?


  1. Yeah, that is some pretty cool luggage...and I am lusting after the pencil skirt...of course, nothing anthropologie fits me and even if I did make a similar skirt, I'm pretty sure it would not look like it does on the model...sigh...a girl can dream though, right?

  2. Anonymous1:38 PM

    You have the Best taste ! Love all your picks, and as Karen in VA said, I'm pretty sure they don't come in my size either, :/


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