Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So long Charlie...

I spent the better part of 2 hours this morning blowing my nose. Charlie Gibson has said his goodbye to GMA.

I actually remember when he started back in the 80's. I was barely a teenager. I've been a morning news show watcher for a LOOONG time. I tried the Today show, a few times. I tried the CBS morning show once or twice...I always came back to GMA.

Charlie Gibson is a genuinely nice person. Do I know him personally? No. But I know alot about him, just by who he's been over the past 19 years while I ate my cereal in the morning. He reminds me alot of my dad, who's also a genuine, nice person. They are men you can count on. Men who think of other people's wellbeing first...and think of themselves later (if at all). I've always said there's NO ONE like my dad...but maybe I was wrong.

By one.

Charlie Gibson has been a steady, trustworthy presence in my home for 2 decades. And he will be missed while I'm eating my cereal. Although I suspect we'll be turning on that tv in the evenings while eating dinner. Good luck & best wishes to Mr. Gibson in his new endeavor.


ps...NO crafting or sewing done today at all! Whatsup with that?! Well, I got inspired by the pics of posie's studio makeover and I moved furniture, and hung fabric/glued trim to the back edge of an old vanity-cum-new serger table/workspace. Yay for me!

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