Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Single Mom's Creed

I will not feel guilty for asking a co-worker to cover for me so I can see my son's 5th grade graduation.

I will not justify taking my children on a last minute vacation when I find myself with a bit of extra cash.

I will not hesitate to exchange meetings for me to attend important events in my children's lives.

I will not place any one, or any thing ahead of my children. Period.

This post is for all the single parents, male or female, who are fighting the fight with me. The fight for more time, for quality of life, for enough money to make it all happen, for an end to the stress and fear of never having, never doing, never being enough.

For respect.

For loving someone so much, that no matter how bad it gets on the outside, those little faces push me to go on.

For Lu, and for G...the reason I get up every day to do it all over again.



  1. Love what you have to say and love your pic! Just found your site. Thanks for those lovely words!

  2. Oh, thank you! Thats so nice of you to say. Sometimes I rant ;)

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  4. Anonymous7:19 PM

    My hat's off to you, Angie. You obviously can not only bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, but do so w a HUGE heart!

  5. Love this. Thank you.


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